Bencent Releases Transient Protection Solution in HDMI

Bencent Releases Transient Protection Solution in HDMI

HDMI has been a hot topic among security players. In order to stabilize products for high resolution images, they require reliable components to ensure performance. Bencent Electronics, one of the leading suppliers in over-voltage protection, just released an HDMI over-voltage protection solution to ensure high-resolution performance, introduced by Sandy Chen, Overseas Channel Manager, and Eason Zhou, TVS Product Line Manager at Bencent Electronics.

To get high-resolution video in surveillance is no longer a dream, as HDMI has come to be popular nowadays. However, protecting the HDMI ports from transient is a dilemma between effectiveness and cost. Bencent Electronics, a provider in over-voltage protection components manufacturing, released its HDMI over-voltage protection solution using its advanced TVS array technology and components.

Based on the HDMI 1.3 standard, the fast transmission speed reaches 5Gbps, so the off-state capacitance of the applied protection components must be lower. On the other hand, there is a multiline structure. The size of the ports is compact in the PCB layout, so the selected components should be integrated.

To develop an over-voltage solution for HDMI ports, the TMDS lines are the first thing to consider. The four pairs of signal lines take ultra low capacitance TVS array, although in some cases the lines not in full use. For the BV_ULC0544M (TSSOP-10) and BV_ULC0524P (DSON-10), they differ by package type. The selected TVS array parts have ultra low capacitance of less than 0.8pF and very low leakage current at 0.1μA Max.

Besides that, the SCL, SDA, CEC and HPD lines do not need to carry high frequency transmission, so low capacitance parts were selected to save the total cost. As for the real case and test verification, BV_ LC0504F (SOT-363) was selected for this reason. The capacitance of BV_LC0504F is 2pF typical, and the other features are the same as BV_ULC0544M and BV_ULC0524P.

This solution now passes the test standard of IEC61000-4-2 ESD, ±15KV (air) and ±8KV (contact). Some customers have already run pilot tests in the Bencent EMC laboratory and feel satisfied with the price-performance ratio.

Unlike the competition in gas discharge tubes (GDT) and thyristor surge suppressers (TSS), Bencent Electronics comes to the TVS array market with a faster delivery schedule - usually less than four weeks - and fully tests service. Besides the Bencent Shenzhen EMC laboratory, a second EMC laboratory in Taiwan opened in June to serve customers.

“HDMI port transient protection will become a booming business soon. To meet real customer requirements combined with our existing R&D and manufacturing capability is our starting point to evaluate the market. We are lucky to have built good relationships with most of the top DVR and DVS manufacturers. We are working tirelessly to meet our customers' critical improvements in HDMI and face short lead time pressure,” said Paul Tsar, CEO of Bencent Electronics.

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