Romanian Police Equipped with Traffic Safety Systems Mobile Surveillance Solution

Traffic Safety Systems (TSS), part of AD Group, has delivered a multimillion pound in-vehicle surveillance order to the Romanian Police for 449 of its radar systems. The deal is the single order fulfilled by the company for its roads policing equipment. This Romanian contract reflects an overall export performance by the Oxfordshire-based business, which has seen sales outside the UK grow by 671 percent year-on-year.

TSS acted as the equipment supplier in a consortium that was created specifically to tender for the Romanian work. UTI, a Romanian-based company and a local security-market provider, was the main partner in this project and the party responsible for the installation and maintenance of the TSS supplied systems as well as for training the Romanian police in their use.

The surveillance-based radar systems were all fitted by the UTI team into locally manufactured Dacia and Logan police vehicles. They are used by the Romanian police for roads traffic policing to reduce accidents and make the roads safer. These systems will help the police to prosecute those engaging in poor driver behavior such as speeding and dangerous driving.

Looking in more detail at the systems being deployed in Romania, the solution is a compact, vehicle mounted, digital surveillance video system which supports simultaneous recording and playback and features a 30 fps facility to ensure that critical events are not missed. It combines accurate speed measurement with the recording of digital surveillance evidence of a target vehicle, through a forward facing color/IR camera with 18x optical zoom and DVR.
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