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Key Specifications

Hardwired/wireless G2 control unit with remote control, remote assistance and interrogation with 16 double balanced / NC inputs on main board expandable up to 128 zones, 16 electronic outputs, expandable up to 128 outputs freely programmable with optional ETRREL module. Relay outputs for intrusion detection and tamper alarm. 3 RS485 serial line for concentrators and the programming keypads and compatible devices. 1 RS232 serial line for PC programming and centralization according to CEI 79-5 and 79-6 available also on RS485 or on LAN with optional ETRLAN module. Management of up to 32 programming keypads mod. NIRVA, TATTILO and MIDAS, key point mod. ETR-ZENITH and IZENITH, serial bus proximity readers mod. I8 and ETR-VARCO modules and up to 4 readers mod. I7 or I66 for keyboard. 32 MFT (Multi Function Timer) for optimized and planned management of electronic outputs. Up to 8 additional controllable power supply on the RS485 serial bus. MiniUSB connection for programming, updating and managing from PC. Management of 8 areas each divided into 4 sectors for a total of 32 groups of sensors. 256 user codes. Incorporated digital dialer with the ability to store up to 24 phone numbers for sending SMS and voice messages and 2 numbers for digital alarms, it also supports multiple protocols for digital transmission as CEI 79-5, 79-6 ( CEI-ABI) Level 2 Data Protection and protocols such as Fast and Slow Format and ADEMCO ID-CONTACT. REMOTE ASSISTANCE available thanks to the built-in V22bis modem through PSTN at 2400bps or through GSM at 9600 with the ETRGSM optional module; it is possible to store 4 numbers. REMOTE INTERROGATION: thanks to the digital built-in dialer it is possible to perform remote queries, voice transmission with optional ETRVOICE module. Optional ETRGSM Dual Band module with remote control functions. Interrogation through SMS. REMOTE ALARM: thanks to the built-in digital dialer it is possible to send alarms to surveillance companies. Optional ETRLAN plug-in module for Ethernet networks - TCP / IP. Optional ETRWEBLAN plug-in module for mobile phone management through Java browsers. Door control function with optional ETR/VARCO module. ETRDOME optional modules for the connection and control of video surveillance systems. Connection with KNX bus systems via the optional ETREIB module. Advanced access control features with RF cards based on the ICON100AVR controllers. Specific features for the management of markets and Large-Scale Retail Trade, through a special optional hardware lock CH2/GDO. Compliance to EN 50131-3, EN50131-6 1st safety degree and 2nd environmental class. Compliance to EN50131 grade 1, grade 2. CEI 79-2 levels of performance: I°, II°, III° with optional ETRKIT3L. IMQ-Alarm approval I °- II °- III° with optional ETRKIT3L. 2,8A internal power supply unit.- Power supply 230VAC 50Hz. Maximum allocable battery 12V/24Ah, dimensions and weight: L 480 x H 305 x D 180 mm, 8 kg.

EL.MO. SpA ETR128 Hardwired Intrusion Detection Control Units
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