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  • Country: Italy
  • City: Reschigliano di Campodarsego
  • Address: Via Pontarola, 70-35011 Campodarsego, Italy
  • Contact Person: Alberto Pastorello

Key Specifications
The most advanced intrusion detection two-way wireless technology

The innovative EL.MO. high performance technology for new generation of wireless Villeggio® (hybrid) and PREGIO (wired, wireless via GATEWAY2K optional module) intrusion detection control units ensures very high performances in the security field. The two-way communication is the key point. Thanks to a protocol protected by an advanced cryptographic algorithm for communications security, the control unit and the devices (distance between them up to 2 km in open field) exchange messages / commands and feedback on effective receiving on three frequencies. The smart functions make NG-TRX® the ideal solution for a complete protection of home and small office areas.

NG TRX® technology guarantees up to 2 km working range and an extremely flexible wireless intrusion detection system. Thanks to the employment of new-generation high performance ceramic antennas, our systems are 20 times more sensitive than a traditional one.

NG TRX® enables two-way transmissions between control units and devices: a smart technology that allows remote configuration via software of all devices, making installation and maintenance easier. Set several parameters of device calibration. The devices receive feedback and adjust their signal accordingly, increasing or decreasing its intensity: this improves the batteries life and save money, resulting in a real “green technology”. NG TRX® solved information overload due to simultaneous communications by managing and sorting devices information through an advanced LBT (Listen Before Talk) technique.

Transmissions between control unit and devices take place on three different frequencies (communications automatically move to the most effective and secure one), protected by advanced encryption algorithms and ensuring an unprecedented security and jamming resistance level for a wireless intrusion detection system.

NG TRX® offers innovative solutions, against the most advanced illicit signal manipulation systems: advanced encryption algorithms and rolling codes for each device guarantee secure communications that cannot be decoded; the anti grabbing function avoid cloning attempts through double authentication, and the completely automated validation procedure make NG TRX® an unassailable system.

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Villeggio NG-TRX® Line - Two-way wireless control units
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