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  • Country: Italy
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Key Specifications
Detectors for security solutions with three-dimensional analysis

TREDDIX* security detectors are the most advanced innovation for security solutions with on-board three-dimensional analysis. EL.MO. devices employ the latest 3D technology enabling them to analyze with high precision the protected area.
Standard technology is highly subjected to the environment, can’t evaluate with precision target size and distance, don’t gather enough information about target behaviour. Moreover, it often undergo distorted 2D perspective and near and distant objects show the same pixel size.

The 3D data and the sophisticated algorithms of TREDDIX* detectors ensure identification and tracking of people and objects motion in complex and crowded environments, even if motionless for long periods. The detectors can identify and track stationary, overlapping or slightly moving objects. Coded light or TOF (Time of Flight) is employed in the sensors, enabling them to process in real time three-dimensional images, and provide people and objects measures in millimetres instead of pixels. Moreover, thanks to the NIR (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) monochrome operation, the system ensures high performance also in dark and light changing environments.

Thanks to the SDK used to create new integration scenarios, EL.MO. 3D detectors can be installed everywhere. The benefits for the bank sector are the detection of suspicious people near ATMs (loitering), ATM tampering and man down (sudden illness, homeless presence). TREDDIX* versions for indoor self banking area and outdoor ATM, can be also used as integration for gates control, people monitoring for home automation and advanced museum protection. The detectors can be installed for security and counting in public places (airports, subways, museums, hospitals) and private sectors (private buildings, industrial/commercial structures): overcrowding signalling, tailgating detection and built-in advanced precision counting functions. The detectors can monitor and analyze sensitive areas, customers flow and behaviour: 24/7 intrusion detection, abandoned and removed objects spotting and signalling, safer and more efficient company evacuation plan automation. TREDDIX* is also able to create a virtual showcase: 3D protection of displayed objects through the creation of protection shapes.

*data analysis powered by 3Deverywhere

TREDDIX* explanatory video:
TREDDIX 3D detectors
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