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CCTV, IP Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Management Platform, Fire & Safety
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  • EL.MO. S.p.A.

  • Country: Italy
  • City: Reschigliano di Campodarsego
  • Address: Via Pontarola, 70-35011 Campodarsego, Italy
  • Contact Person: Alberto Pastorello
Key Specifications

Key Features
• Hardwired/wireless (with RIVERRF and HALENTE concentrator) microprocessor-based control unit with 8 triple, double balanced / NC / fast on board inputs, expandable to 16 with split function
• Expandable up to 104 inputs with RIVER series concentrators
• 1 serial line
• Max 16 serial line control devices
• Up to 64 users
• Voice synthesis with 4 predefined messages
• Voice synthesis module with 64 messages (optional)
• Internal clock with backup battery
• Management of 4 areas with 4 sectors or 2 areas with 8 sectors or 1 area with 16 sectors
• 1 programmable relay output and 1 programmable output (max 100mA)
• Optional modules: GSM/GPRS modules, PSTN module, Ethernet module
• Metal housing
• Compatible with e-Connect platform
• Outputs connector for ETRREL
• Generic expansion connector (to connect a RS232 midin interface)
• USB connector
• 2.4 A power supply unit
• Compliance with EN50131 grade 2

EL.MO. NETPLUS intrusion detection control systems
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