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  • EL.MO. S.p.A.

  • Country: Italy
  • City: Reschigliano di Campodarsego
  • Address: Via Pontarola, 70-35011 Campodarsego, Italy
  • Contact Person: Alberto Pastorello

Key Specifications
GLOBALPRO is the new supervision software that allows to obtain a powerful and easy-to-use tool to monitor 24 hrs the status of your EL.MO. intrusion detection, fire detection and CCTV system, both local and remote.

Based on “operator relief” principle, GLOBALPRO is designed to immediately view only events and information of interest. It allows to automatically organize the events in specific customizable box to obtain a complete, immediate and easy view of the monitored sites without information overload.

Modular and flexible: GLOBALPRO allows to realize flexible and easy reconfigurable systems. No problems or complicated reconfigurations for the expansion or upgrade of existing systems, thanks to LAN network operations it can be reconfigured at any time.

Thanks to its “tree” hierarchy, GLOBALPRO can manage and monitor a large number of sites: starting from the highest level, it’s possible to manage also the single input / output of a control unit. The CCTV section allows to select which and how many cameras (1-4-9-16) to see (choose also the display screens), creating a dedicated station for real time monitoring, and to control PTZ speed dome (Pan-Tilt-Zoom).

Scalability: available in 4 licenses versions, depending on the system to be monitored, it’s possible to extend the number of managed alarm points / monitored sites to manage growing systems.

Immediate and intuitive user experience: summary information are always available and displayed, you will only see what you actually need. GLOBALPRO interface allows to display the graphic part or the textual presentation, for an optimal usage of the whole screen.

Server-client structure: GLOBALPRO (except GPRO4 version) allows the creation of organized server + client structures. Create multiple client stations belonging to a single server and place on different locations the sites monitoring.

Evolved log event consultation: filters (ordered by time, date, company, website, alarm etc.) are always at your fingertips, allowing easy and immediate operations and to quickly find a specific event.

Anyone can profit from GLOBALPRO: installers, surveillance institutes and service centres, dealers and end-users. Centralize and integrate in a single tool the supervision of CCTV , intrusion and fire detection systems of different companies and their sites. 24 hrs, 7 days a week low-cost control rooms, reducing stakeout and patrol. Facilitate the systems and maintenance management.

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GLOBALPRO Supervision Software
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