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Key Specifications
Conventional and hybrid fire alarm control units

Tacóra series of control units are the perfect solution for prevention and safety from small to large applications (banks, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings). Tacóra series of advanced and performing fire panels, can be setup according to the systems needs and adopt the dual working mode, conventional and conventional/analogue-addressable, to ensure the most detailed monitoring of fire risks.

TACÓRA series includes 4 different control units which can manage up to 2, 4 or 12 conventional zones. TA1004 and TA1002 are conventional panels suitable for small / medium sizes sites (stores and offices), while TA2000 and TA4000 are hybrid central units which can manage simultaneously both conventional zones and analogue-addressed loops and are the perfect solutions for large size systems.

Full product range: the IE2 detection loop series of devices for TA2000 and TA4000 is wide and includes modules, optical-acoustic devices and linear smoke detectors, sensors and call points. For example, GSM optional module enables to send alarm SMS and status report according to the chosen settings. Instead, by installing the EXTING optional module that integrates command and control of extinguishing systems, TACÓRA central units can be implemented to active fire extinction.

TACÓRA control units expand their operating range thanks to the possibility of connecting via RS485 up to repeater panels. They indicate in real time all the messages and statuses of the central unit they are connected to, so it can be remote-controlled.

The panels, despite the excellent performance capability, are very easy to setup and operate: the user-friendly interface allows to operate the system effectively and in a fast and intuitive way. TACÓRA series control units are easy to configure from PC with BrowserOne software. The configuration enables a customization of functions and the creation of extremely functional systems. TACÓRA central units may be integrated in GLOBALPRO supervision software.

TACÓRA control units meet the highest security and quality standards. They are CPR 305/2011 (former CPD 89/106/EEC), EN54-2 and EN54-4, EN54-21 (with GSM module) and EN12094-1 (with extinguishing module) certified.

Line isolators: all IE2 loop devices feature a built-in line isolator, this way in case a short circuit occurs in a specific point along the loop, it is guaranteed that the remaining loop section keeps working properly.
Tacóra Line - Conventional and hybrid fire alarm control units
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