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Surveon Elevates the Productivity of Factories with Industrial Security Solutions

To protect the raw material and goods that often possess tempting monetary value from possible theft and to make sure the safety of staff, the factories need to deploy an efficient surveillance system to keep things under control. Surveon provides IP cameras with enhanced video quality and network video recorders with large storage capacity which are proved to be beneficial for various industrial facilities. The industrial solutions have elevated the productivity of a nutritional supplements manufactory in Colombia, a locomotives manufactory in Brazil, and a factory in Kuwait.

[Reliable Cameras and NVRs for 24/7 Operation]

Megapixel solutions offer significant benefits for surveillance operations, but the large number of cameras and the need for 24/7 recording present many difficult issues for the system integrator. The reliability of cameras and large storage capacity NVR could be the main consideration when it comes to a proper surveillance system. Surveon industrial solutions provide reliable cameras with extremely low RMA rate. Expanding the storage with local SAS port or iSCSI interface, Surveon hardware RAID NVRs allow 365-day recorded videos to be retained, keeping factories 24/7 in safe.

[Competitive Failover Solutions for Data Protection]

The data protection of recorded videos is importance to the planning of industrial surveillance. Surveon industrial solutions offer unique Failover solution that supports mutual failover among NVRs, allowing the system to record continuously for long time. Without having to set aside spare NVR or failover licenses, Surveon Failover solution allows the license of camera to be shared with the Failover ones, making it become the best C/P solution for all projects.

[Feature-rich VMS for Efficient Monitoring]

Due to the most factories are with limited security guards, Surveon industrial solutions provide centralized system that makes the security guards can easily monitor every corner by installing a client program from a remote site. In addition, Surveon video analytics transform the previous passive monitoring mechanism into active detection, and incidents such as theft or vandalism can be detected in time, enhancing the efficiency of security management.

OMNILIFE, a nutritional supplements manufactory in Colombia, has adopted Surveon industrial solutions, including IP cameras, RAID NVR, IP storage, and enterprise video management software. “A proven solution with the complete end-to-end verification can save our time, effort and cost on risk management.” said Surveon’s partner in Colombia. Surveon industrial solutions have also been deployed at locomotives manufactory in Brazil and the factory in Kuwait city. For more reference about the success cases and other vertical solutions, please visit:

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Locomotives Manufactory, Brazil:
Factory, Kuwait:
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