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Surveon Enhances the Protection of Video Recordings with Upgraded VMS

Surveon, the enterprise NVR solutions provider, is pleased to announce the latest Enterprise VMS Version 4.0.A02 will start supporting Failover function on NVR5400 and NVR7300 Series in addition to NVR3000 Series. With Surveon’s unique and solid protection on video recording, this enterprise-grade VMS provides users with further professional features aside from existing functions like built-in advanced video analytics and system diagnostic, to manage videos more efficient and effectively, especially in mission-critical application.

Surveon’s Failover solution can be performed under three different methods: peer, collaborative and dedicated mode. When using internal storage, the peer mode allows all NVRs to record normally while supporting mutual failover (1-on-1 or multiple to multiple) among NVRs when fail occurs. When it comes to external storage, the protected NVR’s video will be saved to the same storage where it is recorded when it fails and is taken over by Failover NVR. Under this collaborative mode, both these two NVRs serve as Failover NVR for each other. Moreover, the dedicated mode supports the Failover NVR to share the same file space as protected NVR, giving more convenience to locate the videos after failover recording takes place. With Surveon Failover function, there is no need to set aside spare NVR or failover licenses as the camera licenses can be shared with the Failover ones, making it the best cost-efficient way to obtain additional protection on video recording.

In addition to Failover function, the 12 embedded advanced video analysis, from intrusion detection to tracking analysis, just to name a few, can efficiently enhance the manpower in monitoring while increasing the effectiveness of system operation. When it comes to storage expansion, Surveon VMS also support backup and archive to iSCSI storage so the data can be well-protected. Furthermore, in order to easily monitor the whole system, lower the risk of shutting down, and optimize maintenance, Surveon provides web-based management tool SurveOne and NVR diagnosis system to constantly check the system status giving users a great convenience to manage their systems whenever and wherever they are.

Surveon upgraded VMS has been successfully adopted in Taipei City Hospital and the internet service provider (ISP) in Taiwan. The newest VMS firmware version 4.0.A02 is expected to be released by the beginning of May. Partners can download it at Surveon website ( by then. For more reference about upgrading VMS and Failover function, please visit at
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