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Surveon Safeguards the Property and Profits for Commercial Buildings

Security has become one of the priorities to be focused on for the operation of commercial buildings because many people come in or go through the buildings every day. IP surveillance solutions are particularly essential for those commercial applications generally used in a wider and more open areas it requires system scalability. Surveon commercial solutions, including high-reliability cameras with wide monitoring area, feature-rich CMS with multiple access as well as RAID NVR with flexible storage expansion. These enterprise solutions help commercial buildings to prevent the incidents such as thefts or other illegalities, effectively safeguarding the property and profits in time.

[High-reliability Cameras with Wide Monitoring Area]

When designing a suitable surveillance system, commercial buildings might encounter some major challenges such as open field and wide monitoring area. Under such circumstances, Surveon’s 3 megapixel camera will be the best solution. It provides 1.5-time larger monitoring range at 30 FPS, offering a cost-effective option for monitoring wide areas. Besides, all of Surveon cameras are with industrial-grade components and 3-year warranty to ensure long-term operations. Its quality can be proved by the extremely low RMA rate, and reliability can be assured.

[RAID NVR with Flexible Storage Expansion]

The data protection of recorded videos and the flexible expansion of storage capacity for future scale up are great importance to the planning of commercial surveillance. Surveon’s RAID NVR allows users to scale up the storage capacity through iSCSI (SAN/NAS) and JBOD, bringing commercial buildings a convenient and budget-saving option that they can expand storage capacity by demand or yearly budget instead of buying entire system at the beginning.

[Feature-rich CMS with Multiple Access]

Surveon’s enterprise Central Management Software provides superior features including interactive video walls, matrix screen displays, centralized alarm management, and high scalability for thousands of cameras and multiple clients, allowing the management level and the security guards to keep every detail under control and review both live and stored videos through browsers or mobile applications anytime anywhere.

Surveon was chosen as the supplier of a comprehensive networked security solution for KL Tower, the highest building in Malaysia. The security project manager for the KL Tower said, “Surveon’s full end-to-end integration, including enterprise VMS and storage that supports up to 300TB, helps us manage the project in a most efficient way and brings the lowest risk.”

Surveon's commercial solutions have also been deployed at Historic Buildings in Poland, ISP server rooms in Taiwan, and the building of airline catering service provider in Hong Kong. For more reference about the success cases and other vertical solutions, please visit:
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