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Surveon New Smart Image Optimizers and Bandwidth Optimization for Advanced Megapixel Surveillance

Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, today announced the latest advanced functionalities relating to imaging optimization, bandwidth saving and storage management for its full line of IP cameras. The new features will allow partners to gain competitive edge in the megapixel surveillance market. “Surveon’s advancements in image and bandwidth control, along with the industrial-grade components, in-house design and production, and 3-year warranty, enable SIs to easily standout in the project biddings, and it is a win-win move for both Surveon and partners,” said Casper Wu, product manager of Surveon.

Till today dynamic lighting situations resulting in inconsistent quality remain a major challenge. With the Smart Image Optimizers, Surveon cameras now ensure clarity can be obtained under different lightings by analyzing lighting changes and making adjustments automatically. The Smart Image Optimizers include the Smart Auto WDR/HDR which can be automatically activated or deactivated according to the lighting changes, refraining images from being too bright or too dark. And the Smart Shutter can capture precise images of fast-moving objects by adjusting the shutter speed automatically to avoid captured images going blurry or dragging. With the Smart IR, the cameras can automatically adjust the infrared lighting intensity as an object of interest moves closer or farther away to reduce the overexposure and ensure clear images even if the object is located close to the IR LEDs.

Higher image quality, enhanced technology, and more complicated projects are in demand in today’s surveillance industry, requiring higher bandwidth and larger storage now than ever before. For better management of the network bandwidth, Surveon cameras offer the H.264 SVC-T (H.264 Scalable Video Coding Times), allowing users to select different bit streams. Based on the bandwidth level, the system will adjust the frame rates and deliver the suitable streaming to avoid lagging or freeze frames.

Another new and great feature is the dynamic streaming which automatically lowers the frame rate and bit rate when no motion occurs; When there is any motion detected, the camera frame rate and bit rate will automatically switch back to its original settings, enabling network bandwidth and storage saving.

All of Surveon cameras are designed and manufactured in-house with industrial-grade components and backed with the 3-year warranty. Surveon’s megapixel cameras also support the ONVIF standards and are fully compatible with the Surveon enterprise VMS and the 3rd party VMS, giving customers a broad range of solution selections for their projects. The new cameras can be used in combination with Surveon’s full-line NVR systems to create highly integrated and reliable solutions and save integration efforts for project installers. For more information, please visit
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