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Surveon Cloud NVR GSe Pro 3008 Series Enhances Enterprise's Productivity by Providing The Best System Scalability

Surveon Technology, the enterprise NVR solutions provider, today announced the GSe Pro 3008 Series is added to the Cloud NVR Solutions. With the growth of data, more and more enterprises face the need to transform their storage infrastructure. The GSe Pro 3008 Series supports SAN, NAS, DAS, NVR and Cloud in one unified storage system, assisting enterprises to expand their data storage to cloud by adjusting system setups according to actual requirements, not only reducing the maintenance effort for IT but also enhancing enterprises' productivity by providing the best system scalability.

[Local File Sharing and Cross-office Collaboration]

GSe Pro 3008 Series offers a perfect solution to file sharing and collaboration between headquarter and ROBO across different geographical locations. The major benefit is that it leverages cloud storage as a centralized database which stores and keeps project emails and shared documents up to date; thus no time is wasted when searching for what you need.

[Long-time Recording and Data Protection]

GSe Pro 3008 Series offers ample data capacity of up to 428 drives for years recording. Moreover, it supports 12Gb/s SAS interface on drive sides, speeding up data transfer and meeting the new NVR standard for enterprise application. With built-in Infortrend patent RAID with Intelligent Drive Integrity (IDR), GSe Pro 3008 Series is able to prevent data corruption, copying and cloning data before the disk fails.

[Built-in Surveon NVR Advantages and Powerful Data Services]

GSe Pro 1004 Series is native with Surveon NVR advantages of enterprise design, data protection, high reliability, and further provides rich built-in application services such as NVR, LDAP, Proxy, VPN and Syslog Server for partners to reduce IT environment deployment.

Now Surveon is ready to accept the orders of GSe Pro 3008 Series. For more information about the products, please visit: or email to:
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