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Surveon Protects the Property and Profits for Commercial Buildings with Enterprise Surveillance Solutions

As people come in or go through the buildings every day, security has become one of the priorities to be focused on for the operation of commercial buildings. IP surveillance solutions are particularly essential for those commercial applications generally used in a wider and more open areas it requires system scalability. Surveon provides commercial solutions with product lines including 3 megapixel cameras with 1.5-time larger monitoring range at 30 FPS, feature-rich VMS with active VI detection function as well as RAID NVR with scalable architecture. These enterprise solutions help commercial buildings to prevent the incidents such as thefts or other illegalities, effectively safeguarding their property and profits in time.

To protect the property and people from potential threats, commercial buildings might encounter some major challenges such as open field and wide monitoring area when designing a suitable surveillance system. Under such circumstances, Surveon’s 3 megapixel cameras provide 1.5-time larger monitoring range at 30 FPS, offering a cost-effective option for monitoring wide areas. Moreover, its low light performance and WDR allow security guards to easily recognize crucial details like license plates and prevent any unwanted vehicle from entering if necessary. Among Surveon camera selection, 2MP 3-axis support indoor dome CAM4311S2, 2MP WDR bullet camera CAM3371EM and 5MP outdoor fisheye camera CAM4571RF could be some good options to use under this application.

The data protection of recorded videos and the scalable, end-to-end, and robust support for hundreds of megapixel cameras for the whole system structure are of great importance to the planning of commercial surveillance. Surveon’s RAID NVR provides scalable architecture which brings commercial buildings an ideal option that provides lower maintenance effort, fewer required hard disks and lower cost. Besides, the iSCSI storage itself provides functions such as local or remote replication to further strengthen data retention, giving commercial projects the most reliable solutions for backup usage. Last but not least, Surveon’s enterprise Central Management Software supports hundreds of channels in an hierarchical system architecture, offering rich services including camera control, live monitoring, recording, configurable playback, and alarm handling to keep every detail under control. Its remote viewing allows security guards to manage surveillance anywhere, preventing the emergency in time.

Surveon commercial solutions have been successfully applied in KL Tower, the highest building in Malaysia. Mohd Salim Ghonah of VIMS Technology, the security project manager for the KL Tower said, “Surveon’s full end-to-end integration, including enterprise VMS and storage that supports up to 300TB, helps us manage the project in a most efficient way and brings the lowest risk.”Surveon is dedicated to offering comprehensive vertical applications catering to different project needs. For more reference about Surveon vertical solutions, please visit
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