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Surveon Boosts Surveillance Performance with High Throughput and Long Recording Day

With the prevalence of surveillance cameras installed for security concern, it’s quite common to see the case with hundreds or thousands of cameras in one single project site. To ensure the surveillance work is carried out without trouble, a reliable recording system supporting multiple channels at once with long-term recording capability would be something to take into account when it comes to project requirement. Surveon offers a performance-driven solution with high throughput and long recording day, not only supporting hundreds of channels with more than one-year non-stop recording but also ensuring all cameras can be recorded and viewed reliably, giving partners a powerful weapon to increase the chance for tender winning.

Projects like government institutions, casino, commercial buildings, and factories are complex scenes involving with people and movements every day. Therefore, deploying security system at a higher level is a must for these public places. Surveon’s performance-driven solution offers high throughput and expandable storage to support hundreds of channels with long-time recording. Among Surveon NVR selection, the Milestone VMS pre-loaded NVR7800 Series or mission critical storage NVR7300 Series could be the options in such application. Different from traditional system structures composed of recording server plus a separate storage device, NVR7800 and NVR7300 Series are designed as a recording server with an archiving function, providing partners more cost-effective choices. Besides, the built-in SAS port connection for JBOD expansion enclosures allows the system to scale up to 316HDDs, making NVR7800 and NVR7300 Series ideal for medium-large scale projects in need of long-time recording.

The NVR7800 Series with Milestone VMS can support up to 150CH 3MP cameras recording, more than twice Milestone’s benchmark level in a non-stop recording scenario. The MTP report shows that NVR7800 Series delivers a high level of recording throughput of nearly 2000 Mbps, ensuring smooth live viewing and recording. Besides, NVR7800 Series is also fully compatible with Genetec VMS, serving 300 CH 1.3MP cameras with continuous recording or 190 CH 1.3MP cameras with motion detection recording based on the internal test result. In addition to the Window OS in NVR7800 Series, NVR7300 Series comes with Linux OS plus Surveon enterprise-level VMS, supporting up to 128CH 5MP cameras with non-stop recording and delivering total 768 Mbps recording throughput, giving partners one more option to meet requirements for potential surveillance tenders.

Surveon performance-driven solution with high throughput and long recording day has been adopted in some vertical solutions, such as KL Tower, the highest building in Malaysia, requiring for 120-day non-stop recording on the site. Another success case would be the airline catering service provider in Hong Kong, who is also satisfied with the fulfillment of continuous recording for 180 days. For more reference about products and vertical solutions, please visit

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