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Surveon Secured Taipei City Hospital with Upgrading Surveillance System

Surveon is pleased to announce Taipei City Hospital has adopted Surveon’s network cameras and NVR as their partner for surveillance application. With Surveon’ s end-to-end product lineup, including high-resolution cameras and enterprise hardware RAID megapixel recorders, Taipei City Hospital can effectively track every corner at any time to ensure the security of this medical environment.

Combined with 10 municipal hospitals in Taipei, Taipei City Hospital is the largest medical organization in Northern Taiwan, aiming to rebuild public health system and provide full services for people in healthcare needs. As incidents like patient fights or disputes among the staff, patients and their families often take place in the emergency room, the surveillance videos have become crucial evidences to unveil the truth during investigation. However, the traditional CCTV system deployed by Taipei City Hospital fails to provide images in high resolution as well as perform long-time recording due to the lack of storage capacity. In order to protect the reputation and staff of the hospital, the hospital needs to seek a better surveillance system to clear the issues when conflicts happen. To meet the demands from the customer, Surveon provided an upgrading surveillance system to keep everything under control.

Thanks for its compact size, the compact dome camera CAM1320S2 comes with 2-axis support, providing a wider coverage while not being too obtrusive for the patients. The indoor dome CAM4311S2 with audio in/out with phone jacks supports hospital to record and effectively manage the conflicts or disputes occurred in the emergency room. Both models provide 2D/3D noise reduction to ensure clear images under different lighting conditions. Meanwhile, Surveon NVR3308, supporting up to 64-channel 5 megapixel recording with Linux RAID, was chosen for its overall system reliability and stability. The large capacity with storage expansion to iSCSI is an ideal option to meet hospital’s demand on 180-day non-stopping recording and longer video retention period.

“With Surveon’s solutions, the performance and image quality have enhanced our efficiency in surveillance managements. The running applications are reliable and we are satisfied with the solutions from Surveon. ‘’said the Managing Director for the surveillance deployment in Taipei City Hospital.Surveon is dedicated to offering a variety of end-to-end video surveillance solutions catering to different vertical applications, giving partners reliable options for their projects. For more reference about Surveon vertical solutions, please visit
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