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Product test: Hikvision’s DS-K3B320L smart swing gate tested

Product test: Hikvision’s DS-K3B320L smart swing gate tested
A good swing gate system is one that allows users to pass safely and securely. This article takes a closer look at Hikvision’s DS-K3B320L smart swing gate, based on product testing by a&s China.
A good swing gate system is one that allows users to pass safely and securely. This article takes a closer look at Hikvision’s DS-K3B320L smart swing gate, based on product testing by a&s China.
In order to manage personnel access in a more stable, orderly, safe and efficient manner, swing gate systems are widely used in various entrance and exit scenarios. Such systems usually have similar appearance and functions. But for professionals, any shortcoming, however small, on the system can have negative consequences. So what constitute a good swing gate system?
This review is about Hikvision’s DS-K3B320L smart security swing gate. The system can integrate with access control functions and can be expanded with multiple authentication factors such as card and QR code. It effectively meets the various application needs of users in public places and is in essence a product that is both economical, practical and quality-guaranteed.

Protective features

The main body of this smart swing gate is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The product has several productive features including: smooth corners to prevent people from getting hurt while passing through; surface film to well protect the exterior of the system; and a waterproof/dustproof design to keep the system from being damaged by water or dirt. The smart swing gate has an IPX4 protection; even used outdoors, it can effectively withstand sandstorms or heavy rain.

Multiple credentials supported

The DS-K3B320L’s card swiping area is made of engineering plastics. It is worth noting that this module is not fixed – it can be replaced with one that supports another credential, for example QR code or facial recognition.

Door wings


The door wings are available in two materials: acrylic plate and stainless steel. They have high strength and good corrosion resistance, and can maintain good condition for a long time. The edges of the door wings are protected with rounded corners to avoid cuts, scratches and other injuries caused by accident. At the same time, the door wings are controlled by a brushless DC motor, which can still ensure the normal operation of the swing gate even in level 7 wind.

Indicator light

The traffic indicator light is made with a matrix LED + integrated uniform light design, which not only reduces the overall power consumption but also allows high durability. The red and green light design can clearly indicate the status of the smart swing gate.

Infrared sensor

Several through-beam infrared sensors are installed on the inner side of the smart swing gate and can accurately detect the behavior of people passing through. This way, the system can effectively prevent people from getting stuck as well as identify tailgaters, thus improving the overall security of the scene.

Ease of maintenance


To a frequently used system, maintenance is an important task. The DS-K3B320L smart swing gate not only uses a large number of removable modules but also establishes good protection capabilities from the inside. All electronic components are placed on the top of the gate. The user only needs to open the cover to view the internal circuits and corresponding subsystems at a glance. In order to facilitate maintenance, the internal accessories are integrated into a power supply and two control boards, each of which adopts a plug-and-play module design. The user only needs to plug the accessory into the corresponding control board to quickly perform replacement.
It is worth noting that in order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the control board, it adopts the industry-leading UV conformal paint process, which not only enhances thermal conductivity but also avoids direct intrusion from external objects, ensuring the safety of electronic accessories.
In addition, the control board is equipped with a special protective box, which further improves the safety of the product.
The internal main control power input is 220V, and the output is 24V and 12V. The 24V is mainly used to power the system main board, while the 12V is used to power various identification terminals.
At the same time, the smart swing gate can also be equipped with a super-capacitor to provide power even during power outages, ensuring smooth passage of users. The main board is also equipped with a variety of interfaces such as RS485, TCP/IP, Wiegand, and RJ45, which further enhances the expandability of the product. The main control board can support a remote control receiver, accommodating users in the event of them needing to operate the gate remotely. Because the capacitors, control board other accessories are located on the top, about 80cm from the ground, they can still be used normally in harsh environments.

Stability and reliability

The smart swing gate uses a brushless DC motor and servo control technology to effectively ensure stable and reliable operation of the equipment. According to Hikvision laboratory data, the system supports at least 3 million trouble-free passes.
At the same time, combined with IR sensors, the smart swing gate can sensitively identify the location of the user and close the door wings after they pass, effectively preventing other people from tailgating. Further, in the event of people or objects accidentally hitting the door wings, the wings will automatically rotate at a certain angle in accordance with the direction of the impact, thereby reducing its intensity. This function effectively protects users from suffering personal injury.
At the same time, when the smart swing gate performs the “closing” action, it can detect whether movement is blocked at any time based on the motor rotation angle and data from IR sensors. When it is detected that the person has completed passage, or the motor angle rotates to the specified angle, the door wings will be closed. If the person has not completed the passage and stays in the middle, the door wings will automatically switch to the "opening" action to prevent people from being pinched by the door wings.
In order to better manage personnel access, users can switch to “always open” or “always close” mode based on the time of the day. For example, the operator can switch to a specific setting during the peak time of entry or exit at the user organization.
In addition, in order to better meet different needs, the smart swing gate is equipped with modules for different authentication factors such as card, QR code and facial recognition. The gate can also be opened/closed remotely through Hikvision's dedicated remote control device or tablet. This feature facilitates remote control by gate managers and improves the convenience of personnel passage.


1. Minimum 3 million passes allowed;
2. Accurate IR detection to prevent tailgating;
3. Door wing motor rotates slightly during impact, effectively achieving buffering and avoiding personal injury;
4. Different credentials are supported to meet users’ specific needs;
5. Can be integrated with a fire protection system – in the event of an emergency, all door wings will automatically open to facilitate orderly and rapid passage;
6. Stainless steel shell and protective film are cut together to reduce damage caused by friction.

a&s review

Hikvision’s DS-K3B320L smart swing gate is finely polished in many ways to bring a more humanized walk-through experience. With various protective features, the product can still operate normally even in harsh environments.
At the same time, the product is highly future-proof and customized. The user can perform personalized installation according to their actual needs, effectively saving maintenance costs.
In addition, the gate can support various authentication technologies to accommodate different user requirements. In summary, this product can be ideal for communities, enterprises, schools, stations, hotels, banks, airports and many other scenarios.

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