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Product test: Hikvision multispectral fire detector tested

Product test: Hikvision multispectral fire detector tested
Hikvision’s multispectral fire detector can effectively identify the invisible radiation generated by flames. This article takes a closer look, based on a product test conducted by a&s China.
Hikvision’s multispectral fire detector can effectively identify the invisible radiation generated by flames, making the device an important fire prevention tool for various entities, including manufacturing plants, equipment rooms and substations. This article takes a closer look, based on a product test conducted by a&s China.
Fire safety is a critical element for various types of end user entities. In order to prevent fires before they happen, Hikvision has launched a new multispectral fire detector, which uses intelligent analytics and focal plane temperature measurement as the basis for detection. The product is further supplemented by a three-band infrared pyroelectric detection technology, which can identify abnormal temperature, smoke, flame and other irregularities in the monitoring area and send an alarm. This can help realize effective fire safety management, fire prevention and early fire warning.

Technology advances

As a “newcomer” in Hikvision's smart fire protection series, the product is different from its peers in that it not only integrates a visible light lens and a thermal imaging lens, but is also equipped with a three-band infrared flame detector, which further enhances the camera’s fire detection capability.
The device is made of aluminum alloy, which not only provides strong protection for internal components, but also has good heat dissipation capabilities. The sunshade on top can reduce direct impact from the sun and rain. The product also adopts a sealed design and has an IP66 protection rating, which improves the device’s applicability in different projects.
There are fill lights that provide illumination for the visible light lens in lowlight scenarios. The camera is also equipped with a microphone and a built-in speaker, which can serve as a remote voice intercom linked to the command center.
The camera supports microSD storage of up to 256GB. The integrated cable at the end of the camera includes power supply, RS485, network interface, alarm interface, audio/video input/output and other interfaces, which contribute to the device’s strong expandability. Hikvision’s laboratory data show that the product can work normally in an environment of -20° to 60°C and humidity less than 95 percent.

Multispectral fusion

The product adopts a dual-light architecture with a visible light unit and a thermal imaging unit. The visible light unit is equipped with a 1/2.7" Progressive Scan CMOS which can help maintain good color video images in environments with 0.015 Lux. When the ambient light is insufficient, the fill light will be automatically turned on. At the same time, the 4mm, F1.6 ultra-wide-angle large-aperture lens can meet user requirements in poor-lit indoor areas. In the actual product test by a&s, it is found that the visible light unit allows a maximum resolution of 2560×1440 at a steady 25 fps.
In addition, this visible light unit also supports ultra-wide dynamic range, backlight compensation, strong light suppression, 3D noise reduction, electronic image stabilization and other functions, making it capable of capturing in different indoor and outdoor scenarios.
The thermal imaging unit is equipped with a 17μm vanadium oxide uncooled infrared focal plane sensor with a resolution of 160×120, which has the advantages of good imaging quality, high stability, and strong thermal sensitivity. At the same time, the thermal imaging unit uses a 3mm ultra-wide-angle lens, which can be used in large areas. The thermal imaging lens effectively makes up for the limitations of the visible light unit in dark nights or extreme weather conditions, such as in rain, fog, and heavy snow.
Visible light and thermographic test image

In addition, thermographic cameras typically use a single color tone, which can easily cause visual fatigue for operators after long viewing. Hikvision’s solution on the other hand can display different colors, supporting 15 modes such as white hot, black hot, fusion, rainbow, and iron red. Through color differentiation, the video picture becomes more intuitive for users.
It is especially worth noting that the product is equipped with an infrared flame detector. Generally, when substances burn, they produce a large amount of carbon dioxide, which absorbs infrared energy in different wavelengths. With that in mind, the infrared flame detector leverages the multiple infrared (MIR) sensing technology and uses three IR sensors, each for a different wavelength. One sensor is for detecting the central wavelength of the flame. The other two are used to monitor other infrared radiation in the environment. Supported with a high-performance processor and intelligent algorithms, the device can recognize radiation with flame-like characteristics as an instance of fire, and issue an alarm accordingly. Hikvision’s laboratory report shows the flame detector can effectively rule out interferences such as sunlight, lightning, electric welding, thermal radiation, electromagnetic radiation and mechanical vibration, demonstrating its strong anti-noise features.
Product test image

Based on a&s’s test findings, the detector can accurately identify a fire point of 0.33m × 0.33m within a range of 50m, and accurately measure the temperature of a 0.1m × 0.1m object within a range of 8m, with margin of error controlled within ±2°C. In terms of smoke detection, when the smoke accounts for 1/100 of the screen, the corresponding alarm message will be received in the backend.


1. Enables early fire warning through temperature sensing, three-band infrared detection and intelligent video, and provides real-time video of the site to facilitate easy visual confirmation and management efficiency;
2. Device is highly sensitive, safe, reliable, powerful in functionality, easy to use, and well-designed;
3. Supports dual-light imaging, with visible light resolution reaching 2560×1440 at 25 fps, and thermal imaging resolution 160×120;
4. Built-in infrared flame detector to further improve accuracy of flame detection;
5. Allows high temperature/temperature differential detection (target object must be greater than 0.1×0.1m at 8m range), flame detection (fire point must be greater than 0.33×0.33m at 50m range), and smoke detection (1/100 screen ratio);
6. Provides images and video along with an alarm.

a&s review

Building on conventional visible light and thermal imaging technologies, Hikvision’s multispectral fire detector is further enhanced with an infrared flame detector, which can effectively identify the invisible light radiation produced by flames. The device can also filter out sunlight, lightning, electric welding, heat and other non-flame radiation, effectively reducing false alarms. Together, these features bolster the device’s capability for early detection an d warning, thus helping save lives and reduce losses.
Based on the above-mentioned feature set, we can say the product is especially ideal for hospitals, schools, museums, ATM vestibules, equipment rooms, substations, petroleum and petrochemical plants and other key entities where fire protection and safety is strongly needed.

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