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Product test: Hikvision DS-2TD2608 Thermal and Optical Bi-spectrum Network Bullet Camera tested

Product test: Hikvision DS-2TD2608 Thermal and Optical Bi-spectrum Network Bullet Camera tested
Hikvision has launched their DS-2TD2608 Thermal and Optical Bi-spectrum Network Bullet Camera specifically for perimeter security. This article takes a closer look, based on product tests conducted by a&s China.
Perimeter protection is often billed as the “first line of defense” in security. To this end, Hikvision has launched their DS-2TD2608 Thermal and Optical Bi-spectrum Network Bullet Camera specifically for perimeter security. This article takes a closer look, based on product tests conducted by a&s China.
Perimeter security is critical for many end user organizations. However, there are certain issues found in conventional technologies. "Perimeter security cannot rely solely on infrared radiation, because there are too many factors – such as plants wavering, lights changing and animals moving – that can cause false alarms, which can be costly and reduce work efficiency,” a Shenzhen-based property manager told the editors of a&s China.
In response to this, Hikvision launched the new DS-2TD2608 Thermal and Optical Bi-spectrum Network Bullet Camera (hereinafter referred to as “the camera”), which is mainly used for perimeter security. The camera is equipped with a visible light lens and a thermal imaging lens. Through dual-light fusion technology, it can realize all-day monitoring of the surroundings. At the same time, it can effectively analyze and identify objects, thereby reducing false alarms and improving user efficiency. It is also worth noting that this camera is cost-effective, allowing users to have a bi-spectral camera for perimeter security at a more affordable price compared to similar solutions.

‘Petite’ body with a classic design

The camera adopts the classic bullet camera design, with dimensions of 214.2 × 85.3 × 85.3mm and weight of 848g. The “petite” body boasts the IP67 protection level and is easy to install, able to meet users’ various perimeter security requirements.
The camera is not only cost-effective but also well-equipped, featuring a 4MP full-color visible light lens and a thermal imaging lens, complemented with warm color fill light, white light and speaker. The sound and light combination adds another layer to perimeter security.
At the same time, the camera is also equipped with an SD card slot that supports up to 256GB of data storage, which activates when the network fails. Data transmission resumes once the network is restored to avoid data loss.
On the back of the camera, there are ports for power cord and network cable as well as alarm input/output, all of which use standard communication protocols to ensure compatibility with other solutions. It is worth noting that the camera uses a 12V power input with maximum power of only 8.5W, applicable in various scenarios.

Dual-light fusion, full-color protection

The camera uses two lenses, one for visible light and one for thermal imaging.
For the visible light unit, it uses a 4MP 1/1.8" progressive scan CMOS sensor with a maximum resolution of 2688×1520. This sensor can output stable color video data in starlight environments. Tests conducted by a&s find that the camera can output color video at 0.0005 Lux. Once illumination drops to 0 Lux, it will automatically turn on the supplementary light. The furthest supplementary light distance is 30 meters.
At the same time, the 6mm/F1.0 ultra-wide-angle large-aperture lens has a viewing angle of 56°×30°, which can effectively cover large scenes. The visible light unit also supports ultra-wide dynamic range, backlight compensation, strong light suppression, 3D noise reduction, anti-shake and other functions, making it suitable for 24-7 monitoring in various indoor and outdoor ultra-low illumination scenarios.

As for thermal imaging, a 12 μm vanadium oxide uncooled detector with resolution of 96×72 is used. This detector has the advantages of high precision and good anti-interference. It is also equipped with a 2 mm/F1.0 large aperture super wide-angle lens to achieve wide area coverage.
While the thermal imaging lens has a resolution of 96×72, a&s tests find that the imaging effect is not much different from a 160×120 resolution.
The detection range of the camera is 108 meters (for targets with 1.8 x 0.5m), the identification distance is 27 meters, and the recognition distance is 14 meters. The detection range for vehicles (for targets with 4.0 × 1.8m) is 332 meters, identification is performed within a distance of 83 meters, and recognition is realized within a distance of 42 meters; this makes the camera ideal for perimeter protection requiring early warning for vehicles.
The thermal imaging unit can form images based on energy differences in 8-14 micron infrared electromagnetic waves, and can well complement the visible light lens to detect objects in dark nights, rain, fog, heavy snow and other scenarios. Behavior such as threshold crossing, intrusion and entering/exiting an area can be effectively monitored, meeting the needs of users for 7×24 uninterrupted monitoring before, during and after an event.

With built-in intelligent analysis, the camera can detect and analyze various objects and behavior. If a violation is found, the camera will automatically record, collect evidence, and inform relevant management personnel who can then deal with the situation accordingly.


1. Affordable price: High cost performance with full-color and thermal imaging dual-light fusion;
2. High reliability: Featuring an IP67 dustproof and waterproof design;
3. Effective alarm: Intelligently identifies personnel and vehicle intrusion, filters out various interference sources, and improves alarm accuracy;
4. Wide range of applications: It can be widely used in the perimeters of enterprises, communities, schools, and factories.

a&s comments:

Perimeter protection is often the “first line of defense” in security. In order to establish effective protection capabilities, equipment such as infrared radiation and electronic fences are constantly being used. However, due to various problems, these solutions often prove insufficient to meet users’ specific needs.
Hikvision’s DS-2TD2608 Thermal and Optical Bi-spectrum Network Bullet Camera can not only achieve full-color imaging in visible light but also ensure normal operation in various challenging lighting scenarios. At the same time, its various functions can also effectively assist with user management and improve the overall work efficiency. Most importantly, its high price performance ratio will help avoid a substantial increase in user costs, and the standardized communication protocol makes the camera quickly compatible with various other solutions.

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