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Product test: Unisinsight’s 5G fully structured dual-unit network camera tested

Product test: Unisinsight’s 5G fully structured dual-unit network camera tested
Unisinsight recently launched their 5G fully structured dual-unit network camera. This article takes a closer look, based on product tests conducted by a&s China.
Unisinsight recently launched their 5G fully structured dual-unit network camera, which is equipped with various AI algorithms as well as a 5G module, allowing the camera to provide stable video transmission in areas where deploying network cables is difficult. This article takes a closer look, based on product tests conducted by a&s China.
In the process of building a safe and smart nation, the society's demand for security also increases. As a result, video surveillance has been continuously applied in all walks of life, providing strong forensic and technological support for maintaining social stability and protecting lives and property.
With the rapid popularization of video surveillance, traditional technology has become somewhat insufficient amid more complex demands by users, be they government agencies, enterprises or consumers.
In line with the trend of digital intelligence, Unisinsight has launched the 5G fully structured dual-lens network camera (hereafter referred to as "the camera"). The camera is equipped with various AI algorithms to effectively meet the specific requirements in different scenarios. In addition, the camera is also embedded with a 5G module, which allows the camera to provide stable video transmission in areas where deploying network cables is a challenge.

A fusion of stability and fashion

Although the 4-megapixel camera adopts the traditional box design, extreme attention to detail is noticeable. Different from conventional cameras, this one by Unisinsight has a shape that’s exquisite, elegant and refined, giving people a stable and fashionable visual sense.
The hood on the top of the camera can not only provide certain protection, but also adjust the length according to the scene to avoid direct exposure by sunlight and rain, ensuring normal operation outdoors regardless of weather or time of day. It is worth mentioning that the camera is made of all-metal materials, which can effectively protect internal electronic parts. In order to achieve superb waterproof and dustproof capabilities, Unisinsight innovatively introduced a full-sealing process in the design phase, thereby achieving a high protection level of IP67. During the production process, specific airtight testing methods are used to ensure the consistency of all products.
In addition to multiple protection technologies, Unisinsight also integrated two camera units into the device, providing panoramic and detailed images at the same time. Both camera units use the 1/1.8-inch star-level 4MP CMOS image sensor, which can support ultra-high-definition and delicate video images with a resolution of 2688×1520. In addition, with the large-area CMOS image sensor, the camera can output good video streams even in low-light environments. The upper unit is used as a detail camera with a 10-50mm/F1.3 electric zoom lens, which can effectively monitor details of the scene. The lower camera adopts a 4mm/F1.0 large-aperture lens. The ultra-wide-angle focal length combined with the large aperture lens not only can enable comprehensive monitoring but also provide sufficient light for the CMOS, even at night, allowing users to view clear color picture.
In order to keep the video quality as high as possible, Unisinsight also equipped 8 fill lights on both sides of the camera units. The detail camera adopts the "infrared + warm light" mixed fill light mode, with 6 light sources effectively meeting the need to monitor within a range of 70 meters in total darkness and output high-quality video. The panoramic unit uses 2 white lights for illumination, ensuring effective monitoring of scenes within 20 meters.
In the actual test, it was found that the camera can remain in color mode at 0.0005 Lux; at 0.0001 Lux, the infrared light is turned on to take the camera into the black and white mode. At 0 Lux (no light), the fill light is automatically turned on as supplementary light.
On the side of the camera, Unisinsight has set up a UIM card slot. The camera adopts a hidden antenna design, which can transmit data via 4G/5G. With wireless communication, the camera frees itself from the limitation of network cables, so as to make deployment and control more flexible. Next to the UIM card slot is the Micro SD card slot. The camera supports memory cards of up to 256G. When the network is disconnected, the camera can effectively store video data for a long time. After the network is restored, the data can be automatically transmitted to the backend.
At the rear of the camera are interfaces such as RS-485, network, audio input/output, alarm input/output and power supply. The various interfaces allow the camera to meet the specific needs of each scene.
In addition, in the subsequent temperature and humidity test, at a condition of -30°C-60°C and humidity ≤95 percent, with the camera fully turned on, the maximum power consumption of the camera is 23.9W, and the minimum power consumption is 7.1W.

Superb computing power and intelligence

With the powerful hardware, the camera achieves intelligence in various areas. Thanks to AI, the camera can extract feature values for pedestrians, motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles, effectively meeting the needs in various scenarios.
It is worth noting that with AI-based video analytics, the camera has unique advantages in the following areas:

1. Pedestrian detection

The camera can extract feature values for people in the monitoring area. It can not only extract feature values such as gender, age group, hair length, hat, coat color, coat length, and sleeve length, but also perform position detection and implement tracking, optimization, and attribute analysis. The camera also supports two capturing modes: real-time capturing and global optimal capturing, to meet the needs of users.

2. People counting

With Unisinsight's AI algorithm, the camera can count the number of people at key entrance and exit points. Through the settings on the software side, the camera can automatically determine the direction of people's movement according to the set rules, and the data of people entering or leaving in real time can be displayed on the screen via OSD.

3. Behavior analysis

Unisinsight's behavior analysis can analyze activities such as trip wire intrusion, area intrusion, loitering and fast movement in the set area. By using Unisinsight's deep learning algorithm, the camera can perform detection and tracking of targets (pedestrians, non-motor vehicles and motor vehicles), providing users with accurate alerts and reducing false alarms.

4. Video structuralization

Unisinsight's fully structured technology adopts deep learning analytics, which can simultaneously detect pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, and motor vehicles in the video and perform analysis, extraction, classification and capture operations based on the attributes of targets. This can fully meet the operational needs of users.
In addition, to equip the camera with multitasking capabilities in complex scenes, Unisinsight embedded a powerful "heart" in the camera, with 4T computing power, which effectively ensures the stable operation of AI algorithms. With this, the camera can simultaneously detect up to 128 targets, track 64 of them, and push 32 targets to end users. This powerful capability is enough to support use in complex scenes such as train stations and intersections.
In addition, in order to better allow normal operation by users, the camera supports software-defined hardware, with the user being able to upgrade different AI algorithms according to their own needs. At the same time, there is no need to interrupt the camera’s audio/video operation during the loading, upgrading, and uninstalling of AI algorithms, realizing seamless capturing for users.

Product advantages:

1. Simultaneous monitoring by way of panoramic and detail cameras, effectively responding to the specific needs of users;
2. With the 4G/5G communication module, the camera can be used in areas where 4G/5G is available, reducing the need for wiring;
3. The linkage between the star-level CMOS and fill lights enables the camera to achieve clear picture quality at night and full-color video output;
4. Software-defined hardware effectively meets the specific needs of various industries;
5. AI algorithm loading, upgrading, and uninstalling will not affect the camera’s video/audio operation.

a&s review:

With video surveillance demands and applications becoming more diverse, it is difficult for traditional technologies to meet the increasingly complex needs of users. In order to provide a more customized and comprehensive video surveillance experience, Unisinsight released the 4MP 5G fully structured dual-unit network camera which can effectively meet the sophisticated requirements in various environments. The panoramic camera can effectively monitor large scenes in all directions, while the detail camera can monitor details more clearly. The user benefits by getting full coverage of the scene as well as clear, detailed information.
As mentioned, a major highlight of this smart camera is a 5G wireless communication module to ensure smooth and stable data transmission in areas where wiring is difficult. It is worth noting that due to the adoption of 5G communication technology, even 2688×1520 25 fps video streams can be transmitted smoothly thanks to the high transmission rate.
In addition, based on the expertise Unisinsight accumulated in the industry for many years, the camera supports not only general-purpose AI to meet the basic needs of users, but also in-depth AI algorithms to achieve specific and complex objectives in different scenarios. At the same time, during AI algorithm loading, upgrading and unloading, there is no need to disrupt the audio and video capturing of the camera, thus ensuring audio and video continuity.
In conclusion, with its unique characteristics, the Unisinsight 4MP dual-unit 5G camera can effectively guarantee the camera’s smooth operation in various scenarios, ensure the integrity of video data, and realize clear and full-color panoramic views without losing details or color. With smart city, smart transportation and other advanced video surveillance applications becoming more widespread, the camera can offer tremendous help to users in these applications.

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