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Product test: Unisinsight’s infrared IP dual-camera for ITS tested

Product test: Unisinsight’s infrared IP dual-camera for ITS tested
This article looks at what makes the device useful for intelligent transportation, based on a product test conducted by our colleagues at a&s China.
Unisinsight’s infrared IP dual-camera for ITS is specifically built for the road. The specific build-up of the device allows it to offer wide-angle as well as closed-up views of roadways. This article looks at what makes the camera useful for intelligent transportation, based on a product test conducted by our colleagues at a&s China.
Globally, economies are developing rapidly, and road construction is also constantly improving. In China, according to the Ministry of Transport, the total mileage of national roads at the end of 2021 was 5.3 million kilometers, an increase of 82,600 kilometers year-on-year. The highway density was 55.01 kilometers/100 square kilometers, an increase of 0.86 kilometers/100 square kilometers.
With the rapid development of roadways, various traffic problems are constantly emerging – such as speeding and illegal parking. In order to better monitor traffic on roadways, traffic police all over China have set up cameras in key hotspots so as to gather forensic evidence, reduce unnecessary disputes and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of drivers.
Although most traditional cameras can effectively gather the necessary video data, due to technical limitations, the video always has the problem of “showing panorama yet no details,” or “showing details yet no panorama.”
For this reason, Unisinsight launched the infrared IP dual-camera for ITS. The device adopts a dome design and is equipped with two types of cameras – a wide-angle “panoramic” camera, and a zoom-capable “detail” camera – to ensure that no panorama or details are lost.

Classic design and advanced features

Unisinsight’s infrared IP dual-camera for ITS adopts an aluminum alloy shell design, which reduces the overall weight to 9.3 kg. Further, the excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy can also enhance internal heat dissipation, improving the service life of the internal electronic equipment.
The dual cameras are both placed inside the dome, operating with stability and quickness. The maximum speed for left-and-right rotation is 200°/s, and the maximum vertical rotation speed is 180°/s. It is worth noting that the device can achieve a horizontal 0-360° rotation, and the vertical range is -15°-90°.
In order to present a better video effect, the device uses a 1/1.8-inch 4-megapixel super starlight CMOS sensor. The “detail” camera is at the top, with a 5.9-236mm, F1.35 zoom lens with a large aperture allowing a maximum of 40x zoom to be achieved; the “panoramic camera” is at the bottom, with a 4mm, F1.0 large aperture lens.


It is worth noting that the detail camera is equipped with five infrared lights on both sides, which can clearly identify objects within 250 meters in environments with 0.0001Lux or lower illumination; the panoramic camera is equipped with two white lights. When the white light is turned on, the light source is soft and un-dazzling, ensuring the safety of drivers and personnel alike.
Furthermore, the detail camera is equipped with a wiper, which can effectively clean up dust, rain and other objects on the surface and reduce external interference.
On the back of the dome, there is a card slot and a reset button. The card slot supports a maximum of 256G memory card, effectively ensuring that no video data is lost. On the top of the device, there are ports for alarm, video, network and power devices, ensuring that the device can be used in various environments.
In addition, the dome adopts a fully sealed design and reaches the protection level of IP67, fully operable in dusty, rainy and other harsh environments. At the same time, it can work normally in environments with -40°C~+70°C and humidity ≤95%. It can be widely used in scenarios requiring large-area monitoring such as airports, stations, ports, docks, squares, intersections, halls, and warehouses.
The power consumption in normal use is only 40W, and when all functions (PTZ, supplementary light, and smart activation) are turned on, the maximum power consumption is 66W.

Superb low-light capturing

It is worth noting that in order to achieve the best imaging effects, the dual-camera fully uses a 4-megapixel super starlight CMOS sensor. The advantage of this sensor is that it can still present excellent video image under starlight conditions.


In a&s China’s product test, we find that with the 1/1.8-inch 4-megapixel super starlight CMOS sensor, the maximum resolution of can reach 2688 × 1520, and the frame rate can be stabilized at 25fps.


With Unisinsight's self-developed algorithm, the detail camera can still show clear picture quality at 40-time zoom, and the target details are clearly visible. Meanwhile, the camera's electronic shutter can reach 1/25s-1/100000s, allowing the camera to take effective snapshots even when vehicles are driving at high speed at night.
In addition, the device also supports functions such as ultra-wide dynamic range, backlight compensation, strong light suppression, 3D noise reduction, electronic image stabilization and digital fog penetration, so that it is competent for 24-hour monitoring in any ultra-low illumination scene.

AI empowerment ensures roads no longer congested

Cameras for intelligent transportation applications require excellent hardware and software capabilities. With Unisinsight’s expertise in AI algorithms, the dual-camera can accurately identify and collect data on motor and non-motor vehicles in the image.

When identifying motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians, the device can accurately distinguish various attributes such as license plate number, license plate color, and vehicle type. It can also detect objects thrown by vehicles, pedestrian incidents, roadblocks, construction, congestion, accidents and other events.

When monitoring roads, data such as congestion, vehicle speed and real-time traffic flow can be effectively gathered, thereby providing real-time road data for transportation authorities to ensure the smooth passage of vehicles. At the same time, vehicle violations can be detected. Behavior such as stopping on solid lines, unlawful lane changes, bus lane occupation, illegal parking and driving on the opposing lane can be identified, effectively easing the work of transportation authorities and ensuring real-time road monitoring.
During the capture process, the panoramic camera and the detail camera can perform joint capture, so that operators can not only check problems in the wide angle image but also grasp the details at the same time.
Although this device meets the needs of most end users in China, with the rapid development of transportation and automobiles, user requirements constantly change. In response to this, Unisinsight built an open AI algorithm library in the camera which can effectively integrate the algorithm capabilities of industry partners; this can meet the various personalized needs of users. At the same time, Unisinsight has simplified the algorithm integration process; installing algorithms into the device has become easier than ever.
It is worth noting that during the process of algorithm upgrade, install and uninstall, no operation will be affected; the device will run as normal.

Product advantages

1. The panoramic camera and the detail camera are located in the same dome body; this design ensures that “no panorama or details are lost”;
2. Both cameras use starlight-level photosensitive equipment, which has outstanding performance in low-light environments, enabling high image clarity;
3. The panoramic camera allows a dual-stream output, and the detail camera three-stream output. The 4-megapixel main stream ensures the highest resolution of 2688×1520@25fps;
4. The process of algorithm upgrade, install and uninstall won’t affect the operation of the device or the smooth capturing of video and audio.

a&s China's review

An increase in vehicle ownership in China, coupled with the rapid development of the country’s road networks, has led to road congestion and frequent violations. Therefore, effective road monitoring and management is required.
Unisinsight’s infrared IP dual-camera for ITS is built for smart transportation. The device’s unique design allows it to offer wide-angle as well as closed-up views of roadways, enabling operators to monitor roads with more ease and efficiency.
Unisinsight's self-developed algorithm can also extract various data concerning traffic violations, effectively reducing the tasks of transportation authorities. The camera can also gather data on vehicle speed, traffic flow and other information, which can effectively provide real-time road information for authorities, offering strong support in their effort to combat road congestion and improve management efficiency.

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