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Hikvision rolls out eDVR series with eSSD technology, targeting SMBs, homes

Hikvision rolls out eDVR series with eSSD technology, targeting SMBs, homes
Hikvision recently announced its eDVR Series with the embedded solid state drive (eSSD) technology. In this article we look at what advantages the eDVRs offer, and how they can benefit users, especially SMBs and residential properties.
Hikvision recently announced its eDVR Series with the embedded solid state drive (eSSD) technology. In this article we look at what advantages the eDVRs offer, and how they can benefit users, especially SMBs and residential properties.
The eDVR Series represents Hikvision’s latest innovation. Powered by the eSSD technology, these eDVRs are compact, durable, easy to use and energy-efficient, and they can support analog as well as IP camera signals.
“The eDVR Series are DVRs. And yes, they support IP cameras input. Take the DS-E08HGHI-B model as an example, it can support 8 channels of analog video input, and 2 channels of IP video input,” said Min Ye, Product Manager at Hikvsion.

Advantages offered by the eDVR Series

What sets the eDVR Series apart is the use of the eSSD technology. This is different from conventional DVRs, most of which use hard disk drives. “The eSSD technology is a chip-level storage with high integration, ultra-low power consumption and specially developed and designed technology. Hikvision uses embedded solid state drives in our eDVR series, delivering reliable storage for video security with sustained performance and increased overall reliability,” Ye said.
That said, the advantages offered by Hikvision’s eDVRs are as follows:

Sustainability and eco-friendliness

Needless to say, “sustainability” is now heard quite often in the security industry as vendors make products that reduce carbon emissions and are ecofriendly. The eDVRs suit those trends.

"The ultralow power consumption of the chip-level eSSDs makes Hikvision eDVRs more sustainable. Since these devices don't have spindle motor engines built in, their energy consumption is 45 percent lower than that of the conventional DVRs, not only helping users to make long-term savings on their electricity bills, but also enabling them to reduce carbon emissions,” Ye said. “In addition, the use of eSSDs makes the products more durable than conventional DVRs that use HDD drives. This is because there are fewer moving parts, such as actuator arms. With longer product life cycles, the eDVR Series contributes to eco-efficiency and sustainability.”  

Storage efficiency

With solid-state storage components down to chip level, the Hikvision eDVRs have exceptional storage efficiency and system stability. “The storage efficiency of eDVR Series is further enhanced by ‘scene adaptive bitrate control technology,’ which automatically optimizes encoding for video footage, and improves the coding efficiency by 20 percent. Specifically, complex scenes with human or vehicle movements are allocated higher bitrates to ensure great video quality. At the same time, low-complexity scenes with little or no movement are assigned a lower bitrate to optimize storage efficiency,” Ye said.  

Compact design and ease of installation

Ease of use and installation is important in any project, and this is where the eDVRs can benefit. “As the eDVRs are embedded with SSDs and have a ‘screwless’ design, tool-free installation is made possible. Besides, without the traditional horizontal mounting requirements of conventional HDDs, the devices are also easier to assemble and set up,” Ye said.
The eDVRs are distributed through channel. Making life easier for systems integrators and installers is key. “For installers, embedded SSD means no extra efforts on hard drive installation. And the compact and small-sized design is space-saving, making the eDVR easy to carry and fit more space conditions. Thanks to this ease and flexibility of installation, both end-customers and installers can save time and reduce their maintenance and operating costs,” Ye added.

Smart motion detection

The eDVRs are also embedded with Hikvision’s Motion Detection 2.0 technology, allowing instant response and smart search.
“The eDVR Series can distinguish human beings and vehicles from other objects in any given environment, enabling property owners to respond much more quickly and effectively to potential security breaches. The technology also enables property owners to search video footage based on the appearances of people or vehicles during a specific period of time, saving time and reducing their workloads and costs,” Ye said.

Meeting SMB, residential user needs

Indeed, the eDVR Series can benefit users with the aforementioned highlights, including easy and flexible installation process, low energy consumption, minimal maintenance requirements, and high performance video capture, storage, and processing.
Especially, residential users and SMBs can find the eDVRs particularly useful, as they can effectively address certain challenges and pain points facing them.
For homes, for example, users are often troubled by storage devices that are bulky, noisy and energy-wasting. The eDVRs, on the other hand, can suit residential users particularly well.
“The compact format of Hikvision eDVRs increases the solution's versatility. For example, eDVRs can easily fit into residential homes. The devices' storage drives also operate with virtually no noise or vibrations, and generate very little heat, which makes them ideal for residential applications,” Ye said.
The eDVRs can also benefit SMBs who are looking for security solutions that are affordable, easily installed and require little maintenance. “The advantages above, along with the eDVRs’ affordability, functionality, and sustainability, also make the product range an ideal choice for SMBs, such as convenience stores, grocery shops, restaurants, workshops, bars, and more,” Ye said.

Increased market acceptance

Nowadays, users often want storage devices that are compact, energy-efficient and intelligent. Hikvision’s latest eDVR Series, which feature the eSSD technology and come with scene adaptive bitrate control as well as smart motion detection, suits those purposes well and can benefit a range of users, especially residents and SMBs. We can expect the eDVR Series to see increased popularity and market acceptance in the years to come.

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