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How AI powers LILIN's vertical solutions for security and intelligence

How AI powers LILIN's vertical solutions for security and intelligence visited Merit LILIN's AI smart application experience center to get the latest on their integrated solutions for security, transportation, traffic management, access control and pandemic control. visited Merit LILIN's AI smart application experience center to get the latest on their integrated solutions for security, transportation, access control and pandemic control. 

Now, these type of solutions are difficult to do. Each vertical poses its own set of challenges and there's no one-fit-for-all solution. So what has been LILIN's strategy for this?

According to Aloun Kongmany, Project Manager for Merit LILIN, the company's strength lies in the combination of continuous R&D investment in both hardware and software development with AI technology, allowing them to create end-to-end solutions that address individual customer requirements. In-house knowledge and technology enables solutions that fit the parameters of unique projects. 

Click on the video for a tour around the showroom (timestamps included), and then scroll down for showroom highlights and more details:
  • TV wall solution - not just for security? <0:40>
  • AIDA transportation solution - new viewer manager; user-friendly traffic and ALPR interface <1:01>
  • Pandemic solution - all-in-one temperature detection, mask and face recognition <2:31>
  • Access control solution - integration and live videos are key <3:31>

TV wall solution: not just for security?  

According to Kongmany, this “multiple-input, multiple-output wall” is ideal for control rooms and multi-site monitoring projects. Capable of connecting up to 4 - 6 monitors and 96 - 122 cameras (depending on the solution), this 4K TV wall supports both corridor and fisheye views.

Interesting use case outside of security? “A lot of companies, like supermarkets, have their own advertising systems but may have budget constraints for new projects,” said Kongmany. “Since all supermarkets have surveillance systems, why not use the TV wall also as an advertising tool and play ads on a loop with our solution? This can be a cost-saving solution for the retail market.”

AIDA transportation solution: new viewer manager; user-friendly traffic and ALPR interface

Kongmany showed off LILIN's new traffic management interface – the viewer manager. Operators can now monitor traffic via a dedicated map and real-time video showing traffic flow and alerts for violations such as illegal turns. This can be easily paired with LILIN’s automated illegal parking management solution which can link to the database, generate tickets and automatically send fines out to the driver.

“City managers can now reallocate resources to other tasks and make this an automatic process using AI. This is a time-saving step and reduces false detection,” said Kongmany.

Ho Chi Minh City ALPR project

The LILIN ALPR solution has already been installed in various cities across the world. Kongmany shared details for a recent project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

“There were some issues that we had to solve for the Vietnam project. They needed a solution that can read plates quickly as drivers often drive at high speeds and motorbikes don’t always follow road codes. Ho Chi Minh is a big city so for the first stage, eight 4-channel servers were installed for traffic monitoring and management. ALPR uses a lot of resource so we have to optimize the available hardware for the LPR software. There were a lot of parameters to set up. With our local engineering team onsite to provide support and fine-tuning, we were able to improve accuracy from 75 to 95% within one month. 95% is a very good number when it comes to ALPR.

The police needs to catch all the license plates and this is the true strength of LILIN. During the day, every plate is recognized and shown on our interface. You can search any plate number in our system. But we are also very strong in night detection. The cameras have the Sony Starvis sensor which is very good for low-light environments, even at high speeds. In this way, we are supporting the police managers who wouldn’t need to worry about searching and retrieving video evidence."

Pandemic solution: all-in-one temperature detection, mask and face recognition

The LILIN pandemic solution consists of 2-MP cameras, NVR, NAV server and AI mask detection system. “LILIN provides a total solution including temperature camera detection and checking if masks are correctly worn at sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals or public transportation locations. Our dual lens camera provides color pictures without the privacy intrusion issue. This is easy to install and can be used even after COVID-19 as a normal camera,” said Kongmany.

As proper configuration and installation are vital for accurate readings, Kongmany recommends users to download the user manual available on their website.

Access control: integration and live videos are key

A standout point during the visit was LILIN's focus on integration. Fire safety, elevators, face recognition and ALPR can all be connected to their access control to enhance security, streamline work and installation processes as well as improve emergency response times. 

“We’re able to integrate different devices with our access control system. It’s a web-based interface so it’s efficient, easy to operate and doesn’t have heavy PC requirements. We make our own software so we made it a point to make it easy for people to extend their access control systems," said Kongmany. "One more interesting thing is our ability to show real-time live images. Normal access control is just information and alerts. We are able to pull live videos from our server and show it on the e-map. Our solution can do playback, snapshot or download for evidence, which are the three functions that an operator really needs."

“We are also open to other vendors. LILIN is able to integrate different devices from other access control companies – iris, fingerprint readers into our ecosystem as long as they’re using the Wiegand protocol. This allows us to focus on what we do best and partner with other leading companies in the field,” added Kongmany.

Another additional feature is LILIN's AI queuing function. Kongmany shared, "In order to make social distancing effective or to prevent two people entering with one card, we can create a scenario – one person at the entrance, swiping card possible and the door will open. If more than one, card swiping would be impossible." 

For more information on LILIN's products and solution offerings, check out their website here
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