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  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Address: No.20, Wu-Kong 6th Road, Wu-Ku District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 248
  • Contact Person: Chris Hsu

Company Introduction
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MERIT LILIN was officially set up in 1980 producing wall bracket for the tube camera when the CCTV industry was in the early stages of development around the world. We grew from a small company with 10 employees and a handful of products to an international corporation employing over 600 people with... Read Details
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LILIN Enterprise IP Video Surveillance

Date: 2015/12/23
Today's organization must be cautious about threats of dishonest or disgruntled employees, asset loss, data theft, or physical damage to valuable equipment. How to choose the right IP video surveillance for organizations big and small is very crucial. Medium-to-large environments such as corporate clients, government agencies, and university campuses for example have been increasingly implementing complex and sophisticated video surveillance systems to ensure the security of premises, assets, an... Read Details