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LILIN releases cost-effective covid-19 solutions

LILIN releases cost-effective covid-19 solutions
Amid covid-19, mask checking and body temperature measurement have become daily routines for end user entities, many of whom are turning to video surveillance to achieve both objectives. In this regard, LILIN has launched a range of quality and cost-effective solutions to meet user requirements.
Covid-19 has become a global pandemic that has infected millions. Amid the disease, mask checking and body temperature measurement have become daily routines for end user entities, many of whom are turning to video surveillance to achieve both objectives. Companies that can offer quality and cost-effective solutions, then, can better win out in the market.

Temperature measurement

It goes without saying that fever is a main symptom of covid-19. As a result, thermal-based temperature screening has been deployed in more and more end user entities. Yet thermographic solutions offered by certain major brands have proven to be costly for smaller-size user sites. Further, some thermal solutions in the market are known to produce false alarms after detecting coffee or lunchboxes carried by the user. Nor are they able to record video for future contact-tracing purposes.

To address these issues, LILIN has launched a new temperature detection solution whose main component is a dual-lens camera with two sensors, one a visible image lens and the other a thermal array sensor. Compared to other body temperature camera solutions in the market, LILIN’s stands out in the following ways:
  • Reduce false alarms: The camera targets an individual’s head for temperature detection; this effectively reduces false alarms associated with hot items carried by people.
  • Ability to play back: Passers-by images and temperature data can be recorded for future contact tracing; once a person is known to have contracted covid-19, all people who came in contact with him and who were showing slightly elevated temperatures can be immediately identified and dealt with accordingly.
  • Cost-effective: As opposed to thermographic solutions, LILIN’s gets the job done (the camera has accuracy of within +/-1°C in an environmental temperature range of 20-30°C) at a much more affordable cost – nearly half the price of a thermographic camera.

These features make LILIN’s temperature measurement an ideal solution for end users who may find thermographic solutions pricy and expensive. “We target schools, stores and small offices,” said Jack Wu, Product Manager at LILIN. “We want to offer a solution that’s affordable, able to play back and contactless for them.”

Mask detection

For many end user entities, wearing a facial mask is compulsory. In fact, here in Taiwan, the pandemic has been controlled effectively due to requirements by certain entities, such as mass rapid transmit and rail services, that masks be worn at all times.

To check whether someone is wearing a mask, AI-based mask detection analytics can be helpful. Some solutions, however, are resource-intensive and need to be run on expensive servers. In this regard, LILIN has its own mask detection AI, which can be run on but an I3 CPU-supported PC; the user does not have to acquire fancy hardware. The AI is accurate, able to determine if someone is wearing a mask, not wearing one or half-wearing it. Again, all images and data can be recorded, helping users find out if someone is a repeat offender of wear-mask rules.

The AI can integrate with the aforementioned temperature detection solution, which can then be integrated to the user’s access control system. “If the two requirements are met – the user is having a normal temperature and wearing a mask – then the system will trigger the door to open,” Wu said. “What we do is provide everything, from the frontend sensor, AI, recording to the API integration, all at an affordable cost.”

Contactless access control

It’s been theorized that the coronavirus left on surfaces may also infect individuals who touch them. As such, contactless access control solutions are in high demand. In this regard, LILIN has a solution as well, in the form of elevator control by way of smart device app. With the app, the user can “call” the elevator to the floor he’s on, and command the elevator to take him to the intended floor; not a single button is pushed in the process.

For this particular application, LILIN targets residential apartments and especially hospitals. “Doctors, for example, come in contact with a lot of patients, so it’s not the best idea if they take the elevator and press different buttons. Our contactless solution, then, presents an ideal alternative for them,” Wu said.

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