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Editor's Choice: Best body temperature detection cameras

Editor's Choice: Best body temperature detection cameras
In the past, body temperature camera solutions had drawn little attention from users, and deployments weren’t much seen beyond temperature screening stations in airports. Yet, with the outbreak of covid-19, body temperature detection cameras have suddenly sprung up everywhere and can now be seen not only in airports but also in train stations, offices and other end user entities. Indeed, with the end of covid-19 nowhere in sight, demands for these cameras will continue for a while. In this article, a&s picks the top 10 body temperature detection cameras based on the popularity of web search and mentions by buyers. They are listed here by alphabetical order.

Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution
This particular solution is consisted of Dahua’s DH-TPC-BF5421-T hybrid camera, the DH-TPC-HBB Blackbody and DHI-NVR5216-16P-I 16-channel NVR with face detection. Together the three allow continuous and non-contact monitoring of human temperature.


Key features:

1. ±0.3° C (±0.54° F) accuracy (with blackbody).
2. Long-distance rapid screening at up to 4.50 m (15.0 ft).
3. Enhanced power and data transmission distances (ePoE).

Dermalog Fever Detection Camera FLC1
Dermalog's technology scans people's faces and can check up to five people at a time, with measuring speed of 0.7-2 seconds. Ease of integration into the user's existing subsystems for example access control is another draw.

Key features:

1. Detection distance of up to 2 meters.
2. Fever detection accuracy of ± 0.5 °C.
3. Measuring speed of 0.7-2.0 s.

FLIR A400/A700 Smart Sensor
When speaking of thermal solutions the company that comes to mind is FLIR, which now has the A400/A700 smart sensor for body temperature screening and other applications. Edge analytics, great measure accuracy and motorized focus control are some of the highlights of the device that can be deployed in a variety of user entities.

Key features:

1. Includes options to adjust measurements and alarms based on a reference temperature source.
2. Registered by the FDA to detect differences in skin surface temperatures.
3. Provides exceptional image quality with up to 640 × 480 (307,200 pixels) and superior measurement accuracy (<±2°C).

Hikvision DS-2TD1217B-3/PA Temperature Screening Thermographic Turret Camera
Speed of detection definitely highlights Hikvision’s temperature screening thermographic camera series which detects skin-surface temperature of a person in one second and with accuracy up to ±0.3°C. This particular model offers a high-sensitivity thermal module and supports leading thermal processing technologies.

Key features:

1. Noise-equivalent temperature difference (NETD) less than 40 mk (@25° C, F#=1.1).
2. Leading thermal image processing technology: Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR.
3. Support audio alarm.

Kogniz Health Cam
The product wins on its design – the solution is deployed in a table form factor and can be placed on a desk, mounted on a wall or placed on a tripod. Combined with the company’s cloud service, the system can identify those who might have come in contact with people showing symptoms.

Key features:

1. Continuously measures body temperature of groups of people entering a building.
2. Real-time notifications when people are present with fever-like symptoms.
3. Remote access and sharing.

Mobotix M16 Thermal Camera
The device has a dual-lens configuration and allows three field of view variants: 45°, 25° or 17°. Another draw is the fact up to 20 temperature events can be configured in various scenarios, including body temperature screening.

Key features:

1. Recording on an internal MicroSD card (4GB as standard)
2. Additional image sensor module options
3. PoE thermal camera with a maximum power consumption of 8W.

Opgal Therm-App MD
The Opgal therm-app MD is a mobile thermal imaging device that works with Android 8 and above smartphones. Opgal was one of the first companies during the SARS era to deploy fever detection cameras which the company said would be equally effective for covid-19.

Key features:

1. Supported devices: Android 8 and up.
2. Includes Mini Android Single Board Computer source.
3. Available in a 6.8mm and 19mm lens configuration.

OT Systems Body Temperature Detection Solution
OT Systems’ body temperature detection solution comes in the form of a detection tower that includes a thermal camera, LCD monitor, PC and 4-wheel cart, which can be easily deployed in places such as malls, construction sites and office lobbies. Detection range of up to 9 meters is another draw.

Key features:

1. AI human and object detection.
2. Snap-shot of person with abnormal temperature detected.
3. Multi thermal camera connection, event log with outstanding video capture for review.

SATIR CK350-F Thermal Imaging System for Fever Screening
One feature that sets this device apart from others is it’s a specially designed optical system for medical diagnosis, with operation software optimized for this purpose. With a 384 x 288 IR detector, the camera is suitable for places with large population flow for example airports, seaports and malls.

Key features:

1. Thermal video/images have a temperature measurement range of 0°C ~ +60°C.
2. Measurement accuracy of ≤ 0.3 ℃.
3. Include tools such as motion detection, disk alarm, I/O alarm and temperature alarm.

Silent Fixed Modum Fever Detection Camera
Accuracy is a highlight of the Fixed Modum which when paired with a blackbody offers accuracy within 0.3 degrees. It is also paired with an HD visible camera allowing for the quick identification and recording of the source of the trigger.

Key features:

1. Custom colors available.
2. Paired blackbody for temperature reference.
3. SDK support.

Product Adopted:
Network Cameras

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Comments ( 5 )
  • CCTVnerd
    2020/05/19 16:39
  • Sorry for messed up comment, but comment section of this page is even worse than those "rankings". Break lines doesn't work, can post pictures, cant "bold" text.
  • CCTVnerd
    2020/05/19 16:38

    First of all in official datasheet you have information about accuracy of +-10°C, but on marketing materials about human body temperature measurement solution you claim 0.1°C. This information was visible on many pages, but after IPVM article most of them dissipated. But we have snapshots.

    I cant post pictures here, so I will post links.
    Official Konica Minolta account on facebook claiming that camera can provide 0.1°C accuracy WITHOUT blackbody -
    Landing page with information that it can provide 0.1°C and in CRITICAL places 0.2°C:
    Another official materials, this time claiming that camera provides 0.1°C accuracy WITH blackBody (and this is also not true and impossible, especially for this camera) -

    And here is snapshot from webinar done by one of yours engineers, with commentary that "this is table with camera sensor specification in this temperature range, so this is the proof that camera can provide 0.1-0.2°C accuracy without black body"

    This table is used also on some of your partners websites:

    But as I said, it is taken from medical thermometer:

    Also you claim that you have "0.05°C sensitivity per pixel", but you use lens with aperture of F1.25 and F1.8. This means that sensor NETD is 50mK, but NETD of camera is ~80mK or ~160mK. Of course information about aperture is not visible in official datasheet. You have to dig deep to get it. But we managed to find this.

    Also on official pages there are videos of this "human body temperature solution" showing that camera can detect face and measure temperature there. But those are Photoshop IVS rules on stream:

    For me there is to much misleading information and half-truths to believe in those claims.
    2020/05/18 16:14
  • Dear CCTVnerd, thank you for the comment. We as MOBOTIX stand by our products and solutions through multiple proof of concept tests and are providing our Thermals for all types of applications, all statements and accuracy ranges shown or communicated have been achieved in realtime situations while taking into account environmental conditions and configurations.

    There are many factors which can influence the accuracy results, this increases when using a Black Body Device and when the ambient temperature is controlled. At no point have we ever compared ourselves to a thermometer or a medical device and will not do so without certifications. We would be more than happy and look forward to demonstrating our solution and its capabilities as we are currently doing globally, for any requirement or request. Best regards, MOBOTIX
  • asmag
    2020/05/18 09:58
  • Thanks for your comment. We've relayed the message to MOBOTIX and will defer to them to respond. Thanks.
  • CCTVnerd
    2020/05/13 18:16
  • Mobotix? Seriously?
    Camera with accuracy of 10°C, from manufacturer that lies that it has 0.1°C, and to prove this, they use specification of a sensor that is not used in their camera but in MEDICAL TERMOMETER! Manufacturer that is using fake videos with photoshoped IVS rules to fool people that solution is working?
    I understand that those rankings are made by marketing teams and based on "how much they paid for it", but we are talking about solutions that can save human lives OR can endanger them.