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Security solutions are in demand to contain covid-19

Security solutions are in demand to contain covid-19
Solutions providers who can help end users solve their disease prevention and control needs can then better win out.
Needless to say, covid-19 has become a global pandemic that has caused huge death tolls and economic disruptions across the globe. Given the severity of the outbreak, there are increased demands for solutions that can help prevent the spread of the disease. Solutions providers who can help end users solve their disease prevention and control needs can then better win out.
With the severity of the outbreak, countries all over the world have announced measures to contain the disease and prevent it from spreading further. In Taiwan, for example, arrivals from all foreign countries need to self-quarantine at home for 14 days; violations can incur fines of up to 1 million TWD (approximately US$33,210). Masks are required at various facilities, and screening procedures are seen implemented not just in airports, but also at train stations and various public facilities.

Turning to security

Kevin Cheng,
Senior Manager,
Sales and Marketing,
3S System Technology
To meet these requirements, end users are turning to security solutions which, in fact, can have disease-prevention applications. Some of these applications are:
  • Tracking quarantined people: As more and more people put themselves under home quarantine after contact with infected people, there is a need for authorities to quickly check on the quarantined individuals so as to keep them from running around, thereby spreading the disease further.
  • People counting: Malls and department stores already implement people counting to optimize stores and deliver a better user experience. Now, amid calls for social distancing as a measure to stop the disease, retailers need people counting analytics even more to control the number of people going in and out of stores.
  • Body temperature detection: Thermal cameras have long been used for perimeter defense and in certain industrial applications. Now demand is increasing for thermal cameras that can measure body temperatures to intercept those with fevers at airports or prevent them from entering public and private facilities.
Indeed, the pandemic has created new demands for solutions that address end users’ different requirements. Security companies that can meet these needs and requirements can better win out amidst this covid-19 outbreak.

Why 3S solutions are favored by U.S. and other countries

To get a deep understanding of user demands in different markets, 3S System Technology closely works with local OEM clients, value-added distributors and systems integrators to roll out the necessary solutions. In Singapore and Vietnam, for example, 3S is pushing its RFID solution whereby a quarantined individual is made to wear a non-detachable RFID wristband that can interact with the person’s GPS-enabled smartphone so as to inform authorities of their whereabouts. “Compared to making individual telephone calls to check on people under quarantine, RFID is a less burdensome and time-consuming option,” said Kevin Cheng, Senior Manager for Sales and Marketing at 3S System Technology.
Furthermore, 3S has rolled out a thermal imager that combines three much-needed functions: body temperature detection, mask detection and people counting. “Typically to do all three, you need a two-lens visible camera with an additional thermal sensor for temperature measurement. Ours combines all three functions in one thermal imager. This way visible cameras will no longer be required, and all the privacy issues associated with them can be avoided,” Cheng said.
The camera is already deployed in Singapore where people flow in malls and department stores is now tightly controlled to combat covid-19. 3S is also working with its US OEM client to push it in America, which is hardest hit by the coronavirus.
According to Cheng, 3S has the advantage of being fully compliant with the US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which bans US federal government agencies from using security products or components made by certain Chinese brands, including Hikvision, Dahua and Huawei. "Our chipsets are made in Taiwan, the U.S. and France, and therefore we are fully NDAA-compliant,” Cheng said.

NDAA compliance, meanwhile, is a prerequisite to certification by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which specifies that all devices measuring human body temperatures must be FDA-certified. “Currently, 3S is helping the OEM client get the FDA certification, after which the solution can be deployed in different US projects that the OEM sees fit,” Cheng said.

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