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How 3S offers a competitive edge in factory security projects

How 3S offers a competitive edge in factory security projects
The company's expertise in the field is evident in one of its key projects undertaken in Taiwan where it achieved an intelligent factory with more than 800CH IP cameras for a famous integrated circuit (IC) manufacturer.
When providing security surveillance services in a manufacturing unit, there are certain unique factors that need to be considered. For instance, the integration of cross-system automatic linkages is an essential part of security in the high-end factory. In addition to automatically providing video images of manager events cross-systematically, it should be able to record the event and the subsequent processing in the system automatically, especially the alarm events in anti-intrusion area, hazardous chemical warehouses, finished product storage, and the unauthorized access events in IDC, R&D laboratory, and factory control center. 
kevin cheng, 3s vision factory security
Kevin Cheng
Senior Manager
Sales and Marketing
3S Pocketnet Technology

According to Kevin Cheng, Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing at 3S Pocketnet Technology, the latest application of surveillance cameras in the high-end factory is to utilize the thermal imaging camera to monitor high-temperature sensitive areas. By interacting with the smoke detector, it will effectively make the fire warning system more accurate and intelligent.

What is offered

3S is one of the few companies that offers cutting-edge, comprehensive solutions to customers in the manufacturing vertical. The company’s expertise in the field is evident in one of its key projects undertaken in Taiwan where it achieved an intelligent factory with more than 800CH IP cameras for a famous integrated circuit (IC) manufacturer.

“The solutions needed to cover more than a dozen factories and their surroundings,” Cheng said. “Peripheral anti-intrusion, access control, face recognition, and videos of entrances are stored and connected to a central TV wall. Fire alarm, abnormality report, entrance, and machine rooms’ monitoring are all under control if the personnel. Remote and real-time viewing was also required by the customer.”

3S provided 5MP cameras that integrated intrusion alarm, IR, low-lux, and thermal sensing functions to monitor the factory, warehouses, production lines, and equipment. The company also combined fire alarm, anti-intrusion, face recognition, and access control into a central system that provides real-time event reviews. Apart from all these, 3S also provided professional IP surveillance technology training to security personnel and assigned several technical support engineers to be responsible for this project.

Know what devices to use 

While 3S offers some of the best solutions that can make a security project in the industrial sector a resounding success, systems integrators (SI) should have a clear idea of what kind of devices to use at each of the critical locations. 

For instance, Cheng pointed out that for the access control in entrances of factories or dangerous areas such as hazardous chemical warehouses, bullet cameras are recommended. When an event takes place, the live-view of the event area will be triggered on a management platform and provide the security personnel a basis for subsequent processing. 

“Similarly, a speed dome camera with an anti-intrusion radar system is a powerful guard for entry-restricted areas,” Cheng continued. “This can accurately provide the location of an intrusion, and automatically adjust and zoom to provide clear images to confirm the intruding object. Thermal cameras are suitable for sensitive areas such as IDC, laboratory, and finished product storage. It provides more accurate unauthorized-access detection than other action-detection sensors.”

Beyond manufacturing to other verticals 

Besides the manufacturing segment, 3S also provides top-notch solutions to verticals like oil and gas. Cheng elaborated on this, emphasizing the strength of thermal cameras in this field. 

“With a thermal camera, object image can be formed in darkness from their heat signatures,” Cheng said. “Its applications include military usage, in petroleum and petrochemical verticals, fire rescue, in transportation, in airports, for electricity check, and in equipment manufacturing. With the capability of forming an image of disguised or obscure objects, 3S’s thermal cameras prove to be invaluable in the field of high-end security surveillance.”

To sum up, SIs and end customers in manufacturing and other industrial verticals need to partner with solution providers that have precise knowledge of consumer requirements and offer solutions that can meet them. 3S, with its specialized product line up, is an ideal choice in this regard. With the right combination of 3S’ products and expertise, SIs can ensure their business gets a shot in the arm in this vertical. 

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