LILIN announces new LPR camera

LILIN announces new LPR camera
Seizing the high market demand for license plate recognition (LPR), Merit LILIN recently announced a new LPR camera that targets a variety of end user entities.
Needless to say, license plate recognition has gained more market acceptance, benefitting different end users who can use the technology for security, access control and management purposes. In parking lots, for example, the barrier can automatically open once a known vehicle is detected to enter the lot. In law enforcement, an LPR system can scan a particular area to see if blacklisted or suspicious vehicles are present.
Amid the increased popularity of LPR, LILIN announced the Z2R8052EX25 LPR camera, which follows the success of its previous model, ZSR8122LPR, and addresses the various challenges in license plate recognition.
“The challenges for number plate recognition include: (1) the time for switching the IR light of a camera, (2) the IR zoom ration for a number plate, and (3) the shutter speed,” the company said. “The Z2R8052EX25 addresses these challenges.”
According to LILIN, Z2R8052EX25 is able to provide IR light switching at specific times for day and night. “It was designed using a mechanical IR cut filter for increased IR sensitivity resulting in improved night time images. The removable IR-cut filter allows day and night operations even in the low lux condition, providing outstanding vision,” it said.
Camera: The Heart and Soul in License Plate Recognition

With a focal length of 5.3 to 130 mm and shutter speed of up to 1/30,000, the camera has high-efficiency IR LED capability, with radiant distance of up to 100 meters. “The smart IR is a quite unique feature for reflective number plates. Some IR LEDs might be too strong for reflective plates which result in overexposed video at night. Our solution can effectively avoid overexposure for reflective plates,” the company said.
The camera is ruggedized and can capture clear images under different conditions. “It meets international IP67 standards for dust and moisture resistance, allowing you to install cameras in environments subject to wind and rain. Its IK10-certified housing is designed to protect the camera from destructive behavior,” the company said. “Z2R8052EX25 also has a built-in rain repellent glass which increases visibility during rainy days and eliminates dust. The rain repellent glass can further help capture number plates clearly.”
As for other features, Z2R8052EX25 offers maximum resolution of 5MP (at 25fps) and supports H.265, enabling it to consume extremely low bandwidth than traditional H.264 cameras. It has high dynamic range (HDR) and wide dynamic range (WDR) capabilities to extend image visibility under high contrast lighting scenes and improve image quality. The camera has two-way audio support, whereby the user can project their voice through the camera’s speaker instead of hearing what’s going on. It also comes with 3D noise reduction, which removes noise from a signal and suppresses noise in an image in low light conditions, thus ensuring the quality of video.
According to the company, the camera is designed for commercial buildings. “This market has great demands for remote auto focus, super low light capability, high shutter speed and H.265 for superior video quality,” the company said. “The auto focus capability with the lens’ focal length of 5.3 to 130mm also makes it suitable for large spaces such as warehouses and hotel corridors. Further, traffic management, city surveillance and campuses are also suitable for using the Z2R8252EX25 camera.”
The camera integrates with LILIN’s NAV system and NVRs by default. The user can use other VMS software due to interoperability. “LILIN was the first ONVIF camera provider and insists ONVIF integration. SIs are able to integrate LILIN cameras via ONVIF,” the company said.

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