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What types of video analytics are available today

What types of video analytics are available today
Needless to say, video analytics are now in high demand among users, who can benefit from a range of video analytics products that are in the market today.
Needless to say, video analytics are now in high demand among users, who can benefit from a range of video analytics products that are in the market today.
Video analytics have gained importance over the years, amid a rise in camera count worldwide. “The number of video security cameras being utilized is increasing at a high rate, yet the number of security personnel has not increased at the same rate, resulting in an average range of 25 to 50 cameras (or more) being monitored by each security person,” said a recent blogpost by 3S Integration. “Different security guards may have differing levels of focus or different ideas of suspicious activity. Research in the United States has shown that human observers of video systems start showing signs of fatigue in as little as 12 minutes, overlooking up to 45 percent of activity in the camera scenes. After 22 minutes, that increases up to 95 percent of overlooked activity.”

This is where video analytics can come in to help, according to the post.
“Video analytics leverages your software to monitor video feeds 24/7/365, alerting your staff to pre-defined activity, so they will only need to watch the cameras when something happens. This will help you best utilize your surveillance system, saving you time and effort and creating increased business value by delivering more specific and targeted information,” it said. “Analytics can also be used during recording and search operations, allowing personnel to search recorded video for certain event types. This enables you to quickly locate an incident, thereby saving valuable time.”

Types of analytics that are available

According to the post, each solution will work differently depending upon the manufacturer. “However, they all work in the same basic way – you set up certain parameters for the activity to look for, set up an alert notification system, and then when the activity that meets your search criteria is detected, the software alerts you,” it said.
That said, the post summarizes the different types of video analytics available today as follows:
  • Virtual line crossing detection – An object crossing a designated virtual line can be detected. The direction of an object crossing the virtual line can also be specified.
  • Motion detection – Movement can be detected within the entire scene or in a designated virtual area that can be defined.
  • Object left behind detection – An object appearing in a designated virtual area and remaining there for longer than a preset time can be detected and reported.
  • Object removed detection – An object disappearing from a designated virtual area and remaining gone for longer than a preset time can be detected and reported.
  • Tamper detection – Detects sudden changes that may affect the normal monitoring of a camera. Such conditions may include movement of the camera due to an impact; loss of video due to the camera being covered, spray painted, or intentionally blocked by other means; and significant loss of camera focus
  • Face detection – Identifies human faces by identifying key features of a human face
  • Business intelligence – Analytics such as people counting and heat mapping can be used to analyze customer behavior and improve your customer experience.
“By analyzing surveillance video in real-time, video analytics will make your system more efficient and reduce the fatigue on your security staff, making your system more cost-effective and easier to manage,” the post said. “Leveraging analytics technology can enable a single individual to monitor many more cameras and reduce the amount of missed critical events, therefore enabling a prompt response making it possible to prevent a crime rather than just respond to it after the incident.”

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