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Great Lite presents smart video solutions for different applications

Great Lite presents smart video solutions for different applications
Great Lite International is showcasing video solutions at Computex Taipei, featuring rapid facial recognition, video compression and in-vehicle applications.
The company’s solution is able to process facial recognition when people are in moving. It is often applied in a company’s access control system, so that the staff don’t have to stop and wait for clearance. The door will open automatically if the face matches the employee’s profile in the database.
Also, Great Lite’s solution is able to identify multiple faces simultaneously. The processing is quick enough so the staff don’t have to stop and wait in line for the door.
Great Lite’s facial recognition has achieved a 98% detection accuracy, and it can identify a person’s gender as well as approximate age. Unless a person puts on too much makeup, the system should not run into the problem of inaccurate identification.
Most facial recognition solutions in the market already achieved very good detection accuracy. Great Lite is different in its speed of processing. The company has worked with clients from Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Video management system 

Integrated with facial recognition, Great Lite’s video management system can be used in retail stores for big data analysis. After putting a frequent buyer’s picture in the VIP list, a store can analyze the VIP’s behavior and store visit route in the future.
In other commercial application, the VMS can be linked with access control for real-time monitoring. A company may create a blacklist to store the profiles of unwanted visitors, as well as a whitelist of important guests, senior managers, etc., so that when anyone of them shows up at the door, the control room will be notified through a push notification with their identify information.
Great Lite also showcased its video compression gateway. Its key benefits are efficient storage of video, storage cost savings and high-resolution video transmission using low bandwidth.

In-vehicle video solution 

Good Lite also has a video solution designed to prevent accidents on the road. There are cameras facing the driver as well as the road ahead. The former will monitor the driver and issue warnings when the driver picks up a cellphone, lights a cigarette or shows other distracted behavior.
The camera facing the road will issue warnings when the vehicle changes lanes without the turn signal and when the vehicle moves too fast toward the vehicle in the front. The system will take the vehicle speed and distance with the car ahead and calculate the time before a collision.
When warnings are issued, the cameras will capture videos of the incidents and send them to the operators working in the backend. Some may require immediate action, others may require action within 15 minutes.
This solution is tailored for installations in city buses, heavy duty trucks, delivery trucks and other commercial vehicles.
A Chinese system integrator at Computex said delivery companies are required to monitor their drivers to ensure safety. The installation is required in the Province of Jiangsu, since statics show the monitoring system can cut the accident rates by 50%. The government has the incentive to obtain the data on the driver as well as the business behind.

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