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The case against buying a cheap security system

The case against buying a cheap security system
With security cameras getting cheaper and cheaper, it’s tempting for end users to buy such cameras or systems for their homes or business to save money. However, in the long run, the disadvantages of getting these cameras will outweigh the benefits.
For starters, getting a cheap system may cost the end user more down the road. “You could end up paying more in the long term due to such reasons as breakdowns and shorter service life of your system. Cheap security cameras use cheaper parts and will fail more often,” said a recent blogpost by Unifore.
It added: “Your system may not reliably serve its purpose of providing uninterrupted monitoring of your home and properties as low-cost products tend to break down or malfunction easily due to the low quality of materials or components used in their production.”
Meanwhile, the quality produced by a cheap system will inevitably suffer, the post noted. “The footage captured by your system can turn out to be very poor, such that you will not be able to reliably determine the identity of the intruders who ransacked your home,” it said. “Moreover, the courts may not accept the footage as evidence against the criminals during the prosecution due to their poor quality.”
In summary, getting an inexpensive system may compromise the security of the end user’s home, properties, and family members, the post noted. “Installing an unreliable system can be costly on your part. Imagine if a fire broke out in your home and your system fails to send you a notification due to poor quality, all your possession may turn into ashes, along with your cheap system. Even worse is if a family member is injured in the process,” it said.

Benefits of a security system of high quality

According to the post, the benefits of installing a high-quality security system are manifold.
To start, they usually have warranties and have longer service life than low-cost ones, the post said. “Reputable companies offer longer and more complete warranties for their products. Buying them will ensure that you will be getting your money’s worth. A high-quality system will also have longer and more reliable service life than cheap ones, thus, providing a better return on your investment,” it said.
It went on to say installing a high-quality security system will ensure that any threats to the safety of the user’s property, as well as themselves and their family members, will be efficiently detected.
“With efficient and timely detection, you can immediately take the necessary action to suppress or resolve those threats,” the post said. “You can also avoid such hassles as false alarms and malfunctions, while expecting the system to function efficiently and reliably and keep maintenance costs low.”
The post also raised the following questions to consider before purchasing a system.
  • Why do I need a security system - Determine firsthand if a surveillance camera system is really needed.
  • Are there new technologies for home security on the market?
  • How to decide or select the right installer for my security system - When choosing the installer, a thorough research should be conducted.
  • Do I need to subscribe to a system monitoring service – one can opt to monitor their system themselves or have a 24 hour system monitoring subscription.

The post concluded by saying while it may be tempting to save money on cheap security cameras, when all things are considered, making a larger initial investment will save end users money in the long run. “You will get a better return on your investment in lower maintenance costs, fewer malfunctions and better protection for you and your family,” it said.

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