Cloud-based video surveillance or video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) solutions have surged in number in recent years, with users appreciating the benefits of increased storage, remote data access and controlled costs.

This guide covers must-know information about cloud versus hybrid-based surveillance solutions: the pros and cons, reader market survey, best practices and an industry directory.

Cloud vs hybrid video surveillance. Which one is right for you?

Due to the rise in popularity of cloud computing, there are many options now available to users and organizations.
Here, we present the pros and cons of each infrastructure. Evaluate and compare them against your business requirements to find the right solution for you.

Hybrid cloud video surveillance: What you need to know

VSaaS are not one and the same. What does hybrid cloud surveillance really mean? How does it differ from other VSaaS models? How should we approach security in the cloud? And who would benefit the most from this?

Practical guide to hybrid cloud video surveillance

Cloud video surveillance provider directory

Search the cloud video surveillance directly to locate a provider and get basic information about these companies.