Consider your door type before choosing an electric lock release

Consider your door type before choosing an electric lock release
The benefits of electric locks are numerous. They can be opened with keyfobs, passwords or biometrics instead of traditional keys that can be easily lost or replicated. When choosing the type of electric lock release, the material that the door is made of plays an important role.
That was the point raised by Fermax in a recent blog post.
There are various materials from which doors are made. These include wood, glass and iron. They are an important factor to consider when selecting the type of electric lock release to be installed, the post said.
“Many people consider that a high-quality and high-priced door is equivalent to more security. But what they don't know is that, the essential is about the door lock in the door,” the post said. “Before installing a lock release, it is necessary to know in advance the door material and other characteristics of the door. This will facilitate the installation, and you will choose the best lock release for your project.”
The blog post listed various types of doors found in market today, and the type of Fermax lock releases best suited for them.

Wood and glass doors

According to the post, if the door is made of wood, using an angular lock release is recommended, and Fermax products suitable for this type of doors include Fermax shields 1001 and 1002 and lock releases under the Reversible Universal series.
As for glass doors, they are suitable for commercial buildings or businesses. The type of release to be chosen depends on whether the door is double-sheet glass or one sheet, as well as whether the release is to be surface-mounted (directly mounted on the surface) or flush-mounted (mounted in the interior).
According to Fermax, the recommended door lock releases for double-sheet glass doors are Series C and Electromagnetic Series. “The installation of the Series C is made by using a strong silicone glue and screws, which lightly rub the glass. The finish of this series is chromed. In the case the glass door has just one sheet, it is recommended to opt for the CII Series of flush-mounted door lock releases, which must be placed in the glass frame. Noted that this type of door lock releases cannot be used in swinging doors,” it said.

Anti-panic doors

According to the post, anti-panic doors are primarily used as emergency exits, and it is key to choose the correct electric lock to facilitate users. “For this type of doors, it is recommended to install Fermax surface-mounted lock releases from the P Series. This lock release is valid for right and left doors, with adaptable concave latch to the panic lock with bar handle,” it said.

Aluminum/PVC doors

Aluminum or PVC doors are mostly found in the home. “For these doors, it is recommended to install the 2003 Series from Fermax if the lock already installed is surface-mounted. This lock release has a reversible concealed fixing for locks without latch. If the lock installed is flush-mounted, choose a Universal Series 900 lock release,” the post said.

Iron and wrought iron doors

Then, there are heavy doors, specifically those made of iron or wrought iron. For those doors, the release should be strong and sturdy. “The recommended door lock releases belong to the 500 Series. The type of lock releases has a reinforced steel latch, which can withstand impacts up to 800 kg. In addition, this lock release is recommended for areas with high access traffic. It includes an outlet of cables for easy installation with a just a splice to the connector,” Fermax said.

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