Accessibility a factor to consider when designing a door entry system

Accessibility a factor to consider when designing a door entry system
In addition to functionality, a video door entry system needs to take design and user experience into consideration. That design should also include accessibility for people with disabilities.
That’s the main point raised by Fermax in its latest blog. “Despite living in a society that cares about accessibility and integration, we don't become fully aware that there are people with different abilities who have to deal everyday with barriers and difficulties. An example: in locations with stairs, it is increasingly taken into account to including elevators and ramps in order to improve the accessibility. Unfortunately, there are other areas in the buildings which are not being considered as they should,” it wrote. “Technological advances help to make our daily life much easier and even simpler. But is the advanced technology available to everyone? Have you checked if the door entry system of your building is fully accessible?”
According to Fermax, a belief in equal access for everyone was what motivated it to develop a module for audio and video door entry systems called OnetoOne. “It is a universal standard that welcomes everyone, when it comes to accessing the home or a building: children, youth, adults, elderly and people with hearing or visual disabilities,” Fermax said. “Most of our door entry systems can integrate this accessible module, both on standard outdoor panels as well as customized panels. The installation of this module in the outdoor panel is perfect for any type of construction: single-family homes, buildings, residential complexes, communities, offices and businesses.”
For the visually impaired, Fermax outdoor panels can issue a voice message when the door lock release is activated. It goes: "The door is open, please close the door behind you,” and it’s available in 32 different languages. The Braille labels located on the cardholders identify the buttons with the door numbers to which they correspond.
For the hearing impaired, Fermax’s panel has an informative screen formed by four LED icons that, when illuminated, inform about the state of the communication. According to Fermax, the informative icons are:
  • Bell: When there is a call to any residence, the icon is turned on for a maximum of 30 seconds. This is an indication that the call is taking place correctly.
  • Conversation: When this icon is on, it means that the call has been picked up in the residence and we can start talking, up to a maximum of 90 seconds.
  • Open door: When it is turned on it is synonymous of authorized entry, so the visitor can enter in the property. In addition, the amplifier gives a message "The door is open, please close the door behind you."
  • Busy channel: This icon serves only in buildings or residential complexes with more than one entrance. If the call icon is turned on, that informs that the line is busy by another conversation, so the visitor have to wait.
According to Fermax, in the home the door entry monitors that include an inductive loop interact with the standard sonotones on the market to facilitate conversation between the OneToOne outdoor panel and the residence. When the call is received in the home, a light or sound signal serves as an alert for the resident, the blog post said.

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