Outdoor home security cameras getting smart and sharp

Outdoor home security cameras getting smart and sharp
If you want to keep an eye on what is happening at home without fretting over the cost of a full-fledged home security system, investing in a Wi-Fi connected camera is a good start. Home security cameras can be divided into indoor cameras and outdoor cameras, both playing an important role in keeping one’s family and property safe. Nowadays, with the availability of features such as facial recognition and motion detection, outdoor security cameras are getting smarter.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Nest Cam IQ is weatherproof, tamper-resistant and seriously sharp, allowing users to know about a break-in before it happens. This outdoor security camera can detect a person up to 50 feet away, then alerts users with a photo of who is there. With Nest Aware, it can even recognize a familiar face. Nest Cam IQ has a close-up tracking view — when it sees a person, its special algorithms automatically zoom in and follow the action in the app. With a 4K sensor, the camera can zoom in up to 12x and enhance for a crisp picture, allowing users to keep a close eye on somewhere specific. Its daytime HDR combines multiple 4K images to even out challenging lighting conditions, so that details do not get blown out or lost in the shadows.

Ring Floodlight Cam

Ring Floodlight Cam is a motion-activated security camera with built-in floodlights, a siren alarm and two-way audio. These features allow users to see, hear and speak to anyone on their properties from anywhere. With object and facial detection, Floodlight Cam has advanced motion sensors in home security. Its 270° field-of-view will enable users to detect motion around corners and monitor all their blind spots. Floodlight Cam easily replaces existing wired floodlights and connects to standard junction boxes. With the app, users can flash the lights, sound the alarm and zoom-in to focus on their most important areas.

remo+ DoorCam

remo+ DoorCam monitors any entry way with a wire-free, over-the-door smart HD camera with built-in motion sensor, two-way talk and night vision. DoorCam can be self-installed within seconds by hanging over any residential door without damaging property. The camera has superior connectivity in that the antenna and Wi-Fi chipset are placed inside the user’s home to limit Wi-Fi connection interference from thick building materials. DoorCam operates on three D-type batteries that last for up to 12 months until batteries need to be replaced.

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2 comes with 1080p HD, allowing the user to see everything that goes on at home in more brilliant detail than ever before. If an intruder were to break into one’s home, Arlo’s clear video quality can help one better identify the suspect. The camera has the flexibility to go wire-free thanks to its rechargeable battery, or stay plugged into power. When plugged in to an indoor power outlet, its advanced features like activity zones and optional 24/7 continuous video recording will be unlocked. The IP65-certified Arlo Pro 2 is weatherresistant to stand watch for the user from anywhere, indoors or out, rain or shine.

Logitech Circle 2

Circle 2 is built to handle rain, snow, heat and cold. Whether plugged into the wall or wire-free (powered by a rechargeable battery that can last between a few days and three months, depending on usage), every Circle 2 security camera works indoors and outdoors. Its easy-to-use mobile and web apps let users stream and download unlimited numbers of 1080p HD videos from anywhere effortlessly. Smart Alerts intelligently analyzes motion to make sure users only get relevant alerts on their mobile devices. Users can also customize alert frequency or sensitivity from the Circle mobile app.

Bosch Eyes outdoor camera

The Eyes outdoor camera enables users to combine reliable property surveillance with atmospheric exterior lighting. Wherever users are, the Eyes outdoor camera keeps them posted on what is happening around their home. The smart, high-resolution camera can be easily installed in place of an exterior light. Once installed, it keeps an eye on the surroundings and provides users with high quality videos through the Bosch Smart Camera app. The camera’s intelligent sensors ensure that it does not react to movements of trees or pets but only records events that are actually significant. The camera can also be used as an intercom.

Netatmo Presence outdoor security camera

Presence enables users to know instantly about what happens outside their home. At night, one can either watch discreetly with Presence’s infrared night vision or switch the camera’s floodlight on. The smart floodlight can be switched on manually in the app or set to switch on when it detects a person, car or animal. It helps users find their way safely at night and deters any unwanted visitors. Simply replacing any existing outdoor light fixture, Presence is specifically designed for outdoor use and can withstand the elements, thanks to HZO technology — an innovative thin-film coating solution. With Presence, one receives customized notifications that match one’s needs. The Alert-Zones feature allows users to select specific areas for alerts.

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