Smart thermostat ‘beating heart’ of the connected home

Smart thermostat ‘beating heart’ of the connected home
Smart thermostats have become indispensable devices in the smart home, controlling the temperature and other environmental settings based on the weather and the presence of people. Deployment is on the rise as the benefits of smart thermostats are realized by homeowners and service providers alike.
That was the point raised by Christian Deilmann, founder and CPO of tado° GmbH, maker of a smart thermostat that is billed as the “most compatible smart thermostat on the European heating market.”
“We are 100 percent dedicated to intelligent home climate control. We offer a solution for every household no matter whether a home is fitted with a combination system or a heat-only boiler, conventional and condensing boiler, hydronic and electric underfloor system or a heat pump. The tado° smart thermostat can also control hot water. tado° supports multi-zone heating, allowing consumers to control each heating zone or room independently from one another,” Deilmann said. “Further, tado° is one of the first smart thermostat companies that seamlessly integrate into the three leading home assistant platforms – Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant which are becoming more and more popular. They help to unify connected homes and allow users to control their devices through voice.”
According to Deilmann, smart automation and energy savings are the hallmark of the thermostat. “With its fully automatic climate control solutions for heating and cooling, tado° helps its users to enjoy a comfortable home and to reduce energy costs,” he said. “The smart tado° thermostats sense with a geo-aware app when the last person leaves the house and adjust the temperature accordingly. It also integrates weather forecasting and the building’s characteristics to optimize home energy consumption. The free app (iOS, Android and Windows) provides insightful reports into home energy use and costs giving the user previously unavailable full transparency.”
A big contributor of the thermostat’s success is its unique combination of hardware and software, and in the case of hardware, it’s designed by the company’s own design team in Munich and has won several various design prizes, Deilmann said. “All tado° devices can be used via web and mobile app, voice or on the device itself. Besides the hardware, tado° also puts a great amount of time in elaborating its software. The app is regularly updated with new features and functions at no cost to the end user,” he said.
According to him, smart thermostat-enabled automation and energy savings are expected to drive growth and adoption in the future. “Smart thermostats are the beating heart of the connected home. They seamlessly integrate with other smart home services such as security and lighting, enabling a scenario in which when someone is leaving home the heating is turned down automatically, lights are switched off and doors are locked,” Deilmann said. “The benefits to homeowners and tenants are becoming clearer and major utility and telecom companies are increasingly moving into the smart thermostat and home space with investments and partnerships to provide a better and more convenient customer experience.
Finally the company places a strong focus on cyber as well. “Ensuring data security and protecting customers' information is a top priority for us. To transfer and store the data, tado° uses the latest security technology, which meets the current online banking standard. All data is made anonymous and encrypted wherever possible," he said.

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