Shanghai Shine Technology rides AI wave with analytics software

Shanghai Shine Technology rides AI wave with analytics software
When it comes to security systems integrators that can provide system-level platform development services in China, Shanghai Shine Technology is a prime example. Established in 2012, the company started its business as a systems integration service provider. One year after its establishment, the company became an authorized integrator of Honeywell, Lenel, Kentech and other international first-tier security brands. Since then, the company has successfully implemented intelligent security systems integration projects for a number of Global 500 enterprises. In addition, it assists enterprises in managing production and improving operational efficiency. 

​For Smarter Systems Operation 

As AI is being increasingly adopted in the security industry, the traditional security systems integration business has come head to head with a new challenge. A professional systems integration service provider has to understand and incorporate this advanced technology at a rapid pace to keep up with the latest technological trends. On the other hand, systems integration companies need to consider how to integrate new technology into an implementable total solution to address customers’ needs. 
Riding the AI wave, Shine Technology set up a dedicated front-end video analytics algorithm company two years ago to provide intelligent solutions to its customers. The company developed smart algorithms and integrated them into a total solution, which helps customers operate and maintain their systems in a smart way. 

For example, Shine Technology developed intelligent video analysis software for the high-end retail application. Retailers can utilize Shine Technology’s intelligent video analytics software to generate customer flow statistics and heat maps during the in-store retail analytics process, and understand customers’ shopping preferences and in-store dwell time. By using data analytics and cloud computing technologies, the company’s solution can provide customers with timely, accurate and intelligent first-hand business information. Also, when the POS system connects to the video system, the owner can playback recorded video based on any search condition. It has significantly improved the operational and management efficiency of specialty retail stores.

As we all know, the industry has been transformed technically with the advent of AI. In China, there are a number of intelligent algorithm companies. AI has evolved quickly and been widely applied in various industry sectors. Most companies that offer smart algorithms provide solutions to large-sized public safety, transportation and financial sectors. This, however, is different from Shine Technology.

Shine Technology is a systems integrator like no other. Since the very beginning, the company has focused on high-end retail, pharmaceutical and chemical, factories, logistics and other specific industries. It is how Shine Technology became partners with Global 500 enterprises in just a few years. The company has accumulated profound experience in the intelligent systems integration field, and has helped traditional enterprises install smart systems and make their systems more intelligent. 

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