Shanghai Shine Technology: customization key for integration in specialized industries

Shanghai Shine Technology: customization key for integration in specialized industries
Market demand for integrated hardware and software solutions are on the rise. For traditional security integrators, a great challenge lies ahead of them. When incorporating smart technology like artificial intelligence (AI) into their systems, integrators must enhance the technological capabilities of companies to foster product development and innovation.

In recent years, we have seen security systems applied in many industrial sectors and applications. The security systems integration market demands for more intelligent and specialized solutions. The “one solution does not fit all” mantra is true. At present, standard solutions cannot thoroughly meet the different needs of many industries. Some large or highly specialized security systems integration projects require systems integrators to have not only basic system design and project implementation capabilities, but also software development capabilities

Providing Specialized, Professional One-Stop Solutions

Ni Ke, Founder, Shine Technology
Positioned as a one-stop solution provider, Shanghai Shine Technology aims to provide specialized solutions tailored to different industry sectors. The company’s services include business consulting, system design, software development and integration, project implementation, and operational maintenance. Currently, its customers consist of high-end retail, pharmaceutical and chemical, manufacturing, and logistics. The company is devoted to providing its customers worldwide with an efficient, one-stop smart security solution.

Ni Ke, Founder of Shine Technology, believes customization is key when implementing systems integration projects. “Most product companies sell standard solutions, but we take a different approach. We offer custom systems integration solutions with other services according to different applications to our customers,” Ni said.

The ability to customize makes the company stand out from others. This has enabled them to become SI partners to Global 500 enterprises. Since foreign companies have a large number of different management processes, as well as different application requirements for system platforms in different business units, customization is essential when implementing SI projects for them.

“When implementing customized solutions for enterprise users, we take full account of each corporate’s structure and its corresponding business units. Shine Technology provides them with a single security system platform integrated with multiple solutions like the Hermes visitor management system and public transport management system. We provide a full range of services to help our customers improve production efficiency and business management,” Ni said.

In order to better respond to user’s needs in real-time, the company debuted its first app called Zhianjun for security systems operation and maintenance. Through the app, the company provides its customers with a convenient way to report repair requests and maintain their systems online anytime and anywhere. With the app, users can visit and manage the database at any time, and interact with their systems in a smart way.

Furthermore, Zhianjun offers a platform to monitor front-end security systems and enable intelligent video analysis. From the perspective of network security, Zhianjun provides real-time monitoring of hardware and software. The app lets users keep abreast of the hardware operating and network connection status. Users can also track if the system platform software is operating abnormally.

The company combines software, hardware and cloud platform into a powerful integrated system beyond security. With its customization service and capability, Shine Technology has created a new business model that enables it to grow rapidly and establish partnerships with leading global brands. Its success story sets an example for new companies that would like to take its place in the industry.


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