Bus shelter at intersection of Taipei installs LILIN camera

Bus shelter at intersection of Taipei installs LILIN camera
Taiwan has always been known for its smooth public transportation system. MRT, public bus, and taxi are the most popular means of transport for the Taiwanese people. According to the statistics of Taipei City Public Transportation Office, there are nearly 300 bus routes covering the whole Taipei City. To promote the vision of Smart City, the Taipei municipal government took the lead in installing 63 pieces of LILIN's Day & Night 1080P HD Auto Focus IR IP Camera ZR7428 at up to 60 bus shelters in the main street intersections of Taipei City, including Taipei Hall MRT, Taipei Main Station MART, Ran'ai Lin Chi Rd. and Xinyi Yongkang Rd.. Two pieces of 32 CH 4K 2U 19" Rackmount Standalone Network Video Recorder NVR5832 was installed in Nangkang. By monitoring the scenery around the bus shelter, Taipei City Transportation officer will be able to prevent robbery, sexual assault, other dangerous crimes events and major traffic accidents, as well as to allow the Taipei municipal government to do preventive measures earlier.

Due to the high turnover rate of public bus transportation in Taipei City, how to capture the wide viewing angle of the surveillance screen and store the source of many images become the major issue for Taipei City Public Transportation Office. NVR5832 and ZR7428 are the best choices for Taipei City Public Transportation Office. The standalone NVR5832 supports Ultra HD (4K) video recording of up to 32 channels IP cameras. It can support 4K images, which is four times clearer than 1080p, the additional pixel allows you to see more details that cared. NVR5832 offers up to 64 TB internal HDD and two external e-SATA storage connectors. The IPScan and WS-Discover software feature allow users to easily set up the connection between IP cameras and NVR5832, further simplifies the operation of NVR5832.

Z series Auto Focus 1080P HD Vari-Focal IR IP Camera ZR7428 incorporates Sense up+, intelligent image signal processing, AGC control, 2D WDR feature and 3D Noise Reduction, successfully delivering the ultimate low-light image without motion blur. The ZR7428 is capable of producing four independent video streams, and different streams can be set for different applications, depending on the individual user requirements. The privacy set up can protect personal privacy upon different request. ZR7428 is suitable for the environment where the privacy counts most.

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