Hotel in Nangkang deployed LILIN IP camera surveillance system

Hotel in Nangkang deployed LILIN IP camera surveillance system
Located at the hub of MRT Nangkang Station, Taiwan High-speed Rail Nankang Station and the Taiwan Railways Nangkang Station, Courtyard Marriott Hotel officially opened at the end of 2015. The hotel has a total of 465 landscape suites combined with large shopping malls and commercial buildings. From the 7th floor to the 30th floor of the buildings, this famous international chain hotel is only five minutes away from the Nangkang Software Park and Naihu Software Park. Its building is composed of a full-day restaurant, Chinese restaurant, hall bar, multi-functional banquet hall, executive floor club, gym and other facilities, and has become a new well-known landmark at the center of Nankang.

For the hotel industry, the safety of the hotel itself and the customers are both extremely important. Since it plays a role of being a great hub of the traffic flow in Nangkang, the hotel manager must carefully consider how to install integrated and solid IP surveillance system equipment covering IP cameras, central video management server and software. Due to its special geographical location, there will be different people shuttle within the hotel. How to process customer service management easier and safer becomes the most important issue for the manager of the hotel. The possibilitiy of upgrading the equipment is also another key point when choosing the IP camera vendor.

LILIN was chosen as the best IP surveillance provider due to its dedication and high reputation in the IP surveillance industry, robust IP product line as well as strong technical support for the troubleshooting in 2015. The whole hotel building is covered with LILIN IP camera surveillance solution, including IP Camera L Series, 108 CH NAV Video Recorder NAV1108 and Navigator (NAV) VMS Software (Enterprise Version). This total solution provides detailed daily image management, peripheral traffic and crowd traffic control, traffic analysis management and solid security for the customers and hotel employees.

Three sets of 108 CH NAV Video Recorder NAV1108 were deployed in the management center of this building to manage all audio and video input from multi-site IP cameras. NAV1108 can support up to 108 1080P / 3M / 5M / 8M audio and video streaming, hotel management executives can recall historical recordings to prevent theft incident and illegal behavior. L Series of IP cameras are also deployed in the reception hall and the main entrance(two sets of Outdoor Water-resistant Vandal-proof Vari-focal IR IP Eyeball Dome Camera LR6022X in the reception hall and 5 sets of Outdoor Waterproof Vari-focal IR IP Bullet Camera LR7428X in main entrance door). Users can control the lens position or control lens optical zoom to capture specific area in details. Its built-in IR cut filter can be used to showcase ambient brightness by adjusting the night and day mode thus generate a clearer image. Its backlight compensation feature can detect subtle changes in sound and motion to meet the high demands from diverse monitoring applications. IP66 rain and dust resistant feature as well as IK7 impact resistant feature make LR6022X and LR7428X more solid and practical products. PoE Ethernet power supply system design enables engineers to install easier and further to reduce installation time.

The hotel housing room and corridor are also deployed 120 sets of 1080P HD Micro-dome IP Camera LD2222N. The original image ratio can be switched to 9:16 image, providing vertical zoom focus of the image, compared to the same image of image ratio 16: 9 once users enable the corridor mode function. This feature provides hotel managers with more high-resolution images to clearly identify the details of the specific area captured. Its modern exquisite and lightweight design perfectly match with the philosophy of the hotel. The delicate design will not cause pressure on the visitors. Built-in Sense up+ technology can deliver stunning video images in low-light conditions without using the IR infrared technology. Furthermore, the overall electricity bill payment can be reduced.

There are also 10 sets of D/N Outdoor Waterproof 30M IR Range IP Camera LR7022N installed In the parking area. LR7022N features 2D WDR wide dynamic capabilities which can display details of both the brightest and darkest areas. It can also extend image visibility under high contrast lighting scenes and improve image quality. AGC control and 3D noise reduction combined successfully deliver the ultimate low-light image without motion blur. The AGC control function combined with 3D noise reduction function can generate the superb image with no interference. There are also 52 sets of 1080P HD Dome IR IP Camera LR2122N installed in the elevator. 1080P full-screen resolution capability can record the image of the visitors passing through the hotel. When the visitor enters the reception hall for check-in,record the image of the visitors passing through the hotel. When the visitor enters the reception hall for check-in, into the hotel elevator, even until the final return to their own scheduled room, their safety is highly guarded.

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