LILIN provides safety for CPC Corporation in Taipei Songshan Airport

LILIN provides safety for CPC Corporation in Taipei Songshan Airport
Located at the hustle and bustle of Taipei City, Taipei Songshan Airport shuttles lots of people in daily life. CPC Corporation is situated at the center of the airport, owning the mission of supplying enough oil to each aircraft. The operation manager of CPC Corporation regards the issue that each aircraft is loaded with sufficient oil to ensure smooth flights as high priority. How to ensure that oil tankers carry sufficient oil right to the flight and to prevent any possible crisis occurs is the major issue that the staff of CPC Corporation concerns most.

CPC Corporation of Taipei Songshan Airport chooses LILIN because of its dedication to video surveillance and IP camera industry as well as solid technical support. CPC Corporation deploys one H.264 1080P Real-Time High Definition Video Decoder VD022 as well as 50 sets of 20X Day & Night 30fps Full HD PTZ Dome IP Camera IPS4208S and Pro Series Day & Night 1080P HD Vari-Focal IR IP Camera IPR7428.

Due to the high installation costs and complex maintenance steps of the PC or NVR (network video recorder), most technical staffs prefer to deploy the video decoder instead when they opt for an IP surveillance solution. When the technical staffs deploy the total IP surveillance solution, they need to install additional CMS image management system on a PC computer. To save the overall operational and installation costs as well as to reduce the working load of maintenance for the technical staffs, CPC Corporation of Taipei Songshan Airport decides to install LILIN H.264 1080P Real-Time High Definition Video Decoder VD022 on the wall. Its lightweight design, merely 0.5 kg, perfectly fits with the Taipei Songshan Airport. VD022 is a simple yet gorgeous monitoring solution to connect to and display live images from LILIN IP cameras.

The solution can expand the IP system, allowing user to connect to a monitor with a single camera or 16 cameras as a quad view. When numerous HD decoders is incorporated into the IP system, it is possible to have multiple monitor locations. Through the IR infrared remote control, wireless or wired keyboard, web interfaces and touch screen, the user can easily control VD022. The virtual matrix feature of the VD022 standalone HD Decoder also allows users to view NVRs (Network Video Recorder) and DVRs (Digital Video Recorder) from a remote location. Simply adding the device to the existing LILIN system and connecting to a HDMI monitor, user will be able to view 16-channel NVR/DVRs and HD IP cameras.

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