Ways to make access control more secure

Ways to make access control more secure
For the longest time, access control has played a key role in ensuring that the right people go into a building and that those who are not authorized are kept out. However, despite access control’s intention to protect, there are still shortcomings or limitations that can be exploited. Overcoming these can help enhance and strengthen the access control system.
That was the point raised in a recent blog post by Fermax titled Access Control Systems: Are they secure?
According to the post, access control performs the important task of protecting people and assets in premises. “Some areas in a building, residential complex or a company must be restricted because of security reasons, allowing the access only to those authorized people,” it said. “Thanks to access control solutions, we can identify who enters and goes out from our installations. There are different types of identification systems.”
However, Fermax maintains that there are certain flaws or limitations in access control that can be taken advantage of. “Some identifiers are more precise than others when it comes to recognize if users are authorized to enter in the building. Because of that, we can face diverse problems when it is about access control security,” it said.
According to Fermax, these problems can be summarized as follows:
  • People who use the credentials of authorized persons to enter in the facilities
  • Fraudulent copy of the credentials
  • Incorrect use of the area by allowing access to not authorized entrances
  • Sabotages
  • Accesses that don't close correctly
As a result, Fermax recommended several ways to boost the security of the user’s access control. The first is choosing the right devices for the access control system. “It’s fundamental to avoid security problems. The installation of an improper access control system can reduce the security of the facilities. Depending on the facility, the access control system should incorporate specific security features. It is necessary to take into account which doors or windows can be sabotaged and reinforce the security in them, that means, installing the required devices to restrict access and increase the security,” Fermax said, adding that biometrics can help in this regard. “Biometric access control readers provide the highest level of identification, because they are high security identifiers and very difficult to copy.”
Another way to get the maximum security in the access control, according to the post, is the combination of access control with other security systems. A video surveillance system (CCTV) with security cameras can dissuade intruders as well as record the real person who is entering in the facilities, it said.
Additionally, using an anti-passback system allows to identify which users' credentials are duplicated. “If a user is already in the facilities, and another person is trying to use the same credentials, the system won't permit it until the first identifier has checked out,” Fermax said.
Finally, Fermax reminded that when using an IP access control system, it is important to consider hacking issues. “In order to get anti-hacking devices and systems, we should work with encrypted protocols,” it said. “With these tips, you can practically eliminate the risks in the access control system. An efficient and reliable access control system is fundamental to guarantee the security in both residential or commercial facilities.”

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