Moxa deploy wireless networks effortlessly with AeroMag

Moxa deploy wireless networks effortlessly with AeroMag
Moxa recently unveiled its new technology, AeroMag, which is a fast and easy-to-use wireless network deployment tool that allows users to easily use wireless networks. During on-site operations, AeroMag scans your on-site environment and sets the optimal WiFi channel for your devices. This technology can configure all basic wireless settings in a single step and eliminates the need to adjust multiple device configurations when adding new devices into existing networks.

The product manager for Moxa’s Industrial Wireless Division, Wen Hsuan Chen, said, “Although wireless technology removes many boundaries that used to exist for network communication, setting up a seamless wireless network is usually complex and difficult. Moxa’s AeroMag technology was developed to reduce the time engineers spend on configuring devices and optimizing wireless connections. During the initial setup stage, AeroMag performs all of the basic configuration that is required to establish wireless connections, including setting the SSID, WPA2 password, RF type, and channel. As on-site environments can be unpredictable, the installation and system operation phase often requires engineers to find the optimal channel and then make adjustments. AeroMag’s channel refresh function overcomes this issue by allowing engineers to find the optimal channel with a single click. During the network maintenance stage, engineers often have to add or remove wireless devices from the network. When using AeroMag, there is no need to perform further configuration when adding or removing devices from existing networks.”

AeroMag takes care of all the settings throughout the wireless network lifecycle, which means engineers do not have to perform complex wireless configuration and can enjoy continuous wireless connectivity for their daily operations.

AeroMag Features and Benefits

  • One-step setup for multiple WiFi devices
  • One-click optimization of WiFi channels
  • One-click WiFi channel refresh to avoid interference
  • No reconfiguration required when adding new WiFi devices to existing networks
  • Lockdown function to prohibit all access by unauthorized devices

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