A unique solution to enhance visitor and venue security

A unique solution to enhance visitor and venue security
The recent terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert in the U.K. has once again brought the issue of protecting large crowds, in open or closed spaces, under the scanner. Now, in many places, it is not uncommon to see security officers scanning bags and people before letting them into a particular area. This has become a necessity but it has also made life difficult for people, while not quite making sure everything is as safe as possible.

This situation could change as a Palo Alto, California-based company offers a solution that is designed to help sports venues, amusement parks, tourist destinations and transportation hubs strike an ideal balance between the conflicting needs of overall guest experience, robust security, and efficient venue operations.

The Qyalatron Entry Experience solution, from the company Qylur Intelligent Systems, helps large venues deliver better guest experience and security at their entry points. The solution is a package of system, software and services that integrates and streamlines key elements of secure entryways: guest welcoming, access control (ticket validation), bag screening and marketing.

“Qylatron-powered venues can offer guests an enjoyable self-service, low-hassle entry process that respects their dignity and privacy, while employing advanced machine learning to detect threats in bags and protect the security of everyone inside,” said Yair Dolev, VP of Marketing and Product Management at the company. “Qylatron makes the entry all about the guest without compromising venue security.”

A unique solution?

Qylatron does provide an interesting guest experience with its captivating futuristic look, bright color panels, personalized guest messages, and venue-themed screen content. Guests go through a unique automated self-service process, locked doors for privacy, without the need to remove anything from their bags and using minimal human intervention, eliminating any sense of discrimination.

“Venues increase their operational efficiency thanks to the solution’s low footprint, accommodating five guest parties in parallel, integrated ticket or ID scanning, and guest/bag flow as high as 1000 per hour,” he said. “A smartphone app providing real-time metrics keeps venue managers connected to the action at the entry at all times. Daily analysis reports inform managers with deeper insights. Qylatron delivers superior security screening for guest bags by detecting multiple threats automatically, using a constantly evolving machine learning-based decision engine. The system works collaboratively with human screeners to detect both mass-casualty threats as well as prohibited items. Many advanced options are available, including risk-based screening, role-based screening, and custom-fitted optimization of the detection per venue.”

Furthermore, the solution helps engage guests in the venue’s brand right at the first touch point. Its exterior can be custom-designed with the venue’s themes and characters, attracting eyeballs and displaying marketing messages, sponsorships and promotions as guests pass through.

A look at the technology

The main unit is a modular design with five identical screening chambers or cells, arranged on top and around the base, which allows five guest parties to go through the process in parallel. Bags are screened by a combination of technologies including multiple angle X-ray images, enabling fused-sensor detection of multiple threats in one scan. The modular design also enables sensor upgrades and several ID scanning options.

Beyond the control software that runs the system and ensures its continuous operation, Qylatron employs machine learning software to make automated decisions based on the multi-sensor inputs. As it reviews past scans, decisions and operator feedback, the software optimizes its decision criteria to adapt to evolving threats and bag contents. By communicating with the Qylur back-end and other systems, the Qylatron boosts its learning prowess. In fact, the whole setup is based on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) design, with information streaming from each system to enable mass-scale learning and analysis.

In Dolev’s own words, “Qylatron is truly a technological marvel, integrating hardware and software innovations.”

What could drive demand for this solution?

The first, obvious reason anyone would go for a solution like Qylatron is increasing customer expectations from the standard of service, putting pressure on venues to eliminate long lines, hassle and undignified treatment. Terrorist attacks are also increasingly becoming sophisticated and frequent, requiring venues to use solutions that stay current, keep up with the threats and provide consistent protection.

But perhaps the most significant factor would be the realization that human-based screening alone is not effective enough against real threats. 

Image Source: ​ Qylur Intelligent Systems

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