Get that perfect pint with this IoT-enabled smart beer tap

Get that perfect pint with this IoT-enabled smart beer tap
The entry of IoT into the retail segment has paved way for many startups to come up with unique solutions that would help boost businesses and customer engagement. Taking advantage of data collected through various sensors and analytics that make sense of the data, these solutions are set to take the retail industry to the next level.

An interesting solution that we recently came across is known as Taptronics. Created by the San Francisco, California-based company Pubinno, this solution is the world’s first plug and play smart beer tap.

According to the company, Taptronics is a smart and connected draft beer tap. It serves the perfect beer, for every single pint, with a single touch. It also provides up to 20 percent savings to restaurants and bars by eliminating waste and fraud. “Taptronics smart flow algorithm uses sensor fusion of 10 parameters and patented robotics to guarantee the best drinking experience with precise portions,” Pubinno says on its website “With Taptronics, consumers get perfect beer, bar managers increase profits and brands can access real time sales, inventory and quality data and ensure quality standardization across all sales outlets. Welcome to the future of draft beer industry.”

Speaking to, Can Algul, Co-founder and CEO of Pubinno explained how their product can help bars improve their business.

“Bars can track their sales, inventory and quality metrics in real time,” Algul said. “It boosts bar owners profit up to 20 percent. It connects every stake holder in the industry. Beer brands can track their operation and know that their beer served perfectly in each pint. Bartenders save time.”
With analytics, Taptronics allows all the stake holders keep track of the sales. 

Speaking further on the technology that goes into their product, Algul said that Taptronics combines IoT, robotics, data analytics and sensor fusion. The company has two patents for its hardware, one for software and one for design.

Algul said that Taptronics already has customers in five countries, namely the U.S., Spain, Turkey, India and Australia.

The popularity of the product is not just due to the business advantages that it brings. In Algul’s own words, Taptronics provides smooth, creamy foam that creates a wonderful drinking experience. It can serve any type of beer at the ideal temperature with optimal amount of foam. Now, who can say no to that?
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