Age ID Woodstock premieres with outdoor event concession company

Age ID Woodstock premieres with outdoor event concession company
A nationally prominent outdoor event concession company is taking steps to prevent underage access to alcohol with Intellicheck’s new offline mobile technology solution. Age ID Woodstock is Intellicheck's newest addition to the company’s industry leading Age ID product line. The state-of-the-art technology solution delivers real-time, accurate ID authentication to instantly identify fake and altered IDs ensuring compliance with laws governing the sale of age-restricted products, such as alcohol, regardless of connectivity. Woodstock is the ideal solution for sports venues, stadiums, concerts, festivals and theater locations across the nation where internet coverage is unavailable, inaccessible or unreliable.

Intellicheck has taken another pioneering step forward in providing a powerful, innovative technology solution that addresses the challenges associated with the absence of reliable network coverage, including connectivity and data throughput degradation, often experienced when large crowds overwhelm cellular network capacities. With Age ID Woodstock, businesses no longer need to rely on the outdated, unreliable and often legally unacceptable practice of requiring employees to visually inspect IDs to determine if they are fake or altered, and to calculate the customer’s age manually.

Intellicheck CEO Dr. William Roof commented, "This large national concession company takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously. Using Age ID Woodstock, we believe that they will curb underage drinking and prevent fraud wherever their business takes them, underscoring their commitment to the communities and customers they serve.” He added, “Age ID Woodstock is the latest edition to our robust line of multi-purpose, cutting-edge technology solutions that meet the needs of financial, retail, hospitality and transportation industry clients as well as our clients in law enforcement, national defense and homeland security. Using Age ID Woodstock at a recent, iconic outdoor event, our concessioner partner identified over 2,500 fake IDs and, in our estimation, possibly prevented a large number of tragedies we often see as a result of underage drinking. Visit the Age ID Woodstock section of our website at and see the stacks of fake IDs that were presented by minors attempting to purchase alcohol.” Dr. Roof concluded, “We are very excited about how impressively our products perform and we will continue our focus on developing world-class products that deliver value to our clients, our communities and our shareholders.”

Age ID Woodstock delivers real-time ID authentication on mobile devices, with or without network connectivity. The advanced technology solution reads the data encoded on driver licenses and government issued IDs, verifying the authenticity of the ID and age information. Effective and easy-to-use, a seller of age-restricted products can use Age ID Woodstock offline or online. Highlighted fields ensure staff has a clear alert as to whether a sale should be completed.
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