NUUO showcases retail solutions at Secutech 2017

NUUO showcases retail solutions at Secutech 2017
Smart retail solutions are one of the major attractions at Secutech 2017. One of the major exhibitors in this section is NUUO, which is showcasing the company's video solution for retailers.

Speaking to, Andy Chen from NUUO elaborated on the solutions the company has to offer.

"We are actually exhibiting our video business analysis solution," Chen said. "This is the video solution to help retailers to grow their revenue and save costs."

The company sees robust growth in Taiwan and China at the moment. This is because the retail markets in these regions are changing quite fast and companies are willing to adapt to the rapid changes. The second market for the company is the United States.

"Because all kinds of modern technologies actually start from there [US]," Chen said.

In the future, the company aims to grow its solution to East and South Asia as these markets are emerging very quickly as well. But these markets are not without challenges. Chen said that the company needs some time to educate and communicate the benefits of their solutions to the market.

“The target audience is different in these markets,” Chen said. “This time, it is the end user who is the customer. We must deal with them, discussing with them to understand what they need and help them to build the solution. This is a major challenge for us because we used to deal only with distributors and systems integrators alone.”

The biggest competition that the company sees is from North America. Chen pointed out that there are some major innovative companies in the continent. Following North America, other potential competitors are from China. These include major security companies as well as IT companies.

"There are many new startups in China," Chen said, adding that they are trying to collaborate with other major security companies to come up with solutions.

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