Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of National Security ensures safety with Aimetis

Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of National Security ensures safety with Aimetis
The Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of National Security (MNS) ensures the safety and security of the citizenry of the island nation. To help combat crime and give citizens and visitors to the island peace of mind, the MNS deployed a comprehensive video surveillance system across the country. This includes the monitoring of government buildings, seaports, and city surveillance of public parks and streets.

An Agile, Real-Time Solution

The video surveillance staff at the MNS needed an agile video management solution that worked as fast as they do in real-time and selected Aimetis Symphony Professional-level licenses to meet the requirements. Professional-level licenses offer the MNS multi-server support and redundancy to maximize system uptime and allows operators have quick and reliable access to live streams and historical video.

“The greatest benefit of Symphony for me is the ease in which the users of the system can go back and review footage,” said Westley Lewis, CCTV Manager. “It’s very important for our staff to have quick and easy access to the video streams and historical footage to go back to and try to help us build a picture and a story of an incident. The operators are very happy with it. The interface is easier for them to understand and more or less second nature to them.”

Scalability: Facilitating A Growing System

One of the most important features of Aimetis Symphony for the MNS was how quick and easy it is to add cameras to the video management system. The ability to easily expand the video network without impacting the ongoing video surveillance operations was of the utmost importance.

After initial success with its video surveillance system, the MNS made a capital investment to further expand its video network by 800 cameras, doubling the surveillance network to a total of 1673 active cameras. As result of this continued network expansion, the MNS has seen a lower crime rates in areas that were once known to be crime hotspots.

“What we’ve noticed is that the historical hotspot areas in the country have had crime go down tremendously,” continued Lewis.

With Aimetis Symphony, the MNS has a system that’s easy-to-use and continues to reduce crime across the country. The Trinidad and Tobago MNS have the video surveillance tools to grow as their needs evolve and maintain public safety.

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