Aimetis proves invaluable to Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club

Aimetis proves invaluable to Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club
Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club is a relaxing retreat in the beautiful Kapolei region of Oahu's southwest coast. As part of a lush 640-acre gated community, Ko Olina welcomes more than 2500 guests at any given time. As the safety and protection of its guests and employees is of paramount importance, the Ko Olina installed a system of IP and analog cameras, all running on Aimetis Symphony. Over time, Ko Olina found themselves in a situation where they had two servers running on the same network, with two clients. Each was using a different version of Aimetis Symphony; different versions meant different features and the need for more hardware. The result was an inefficient system. With the existing system integrator not being local and no maintenance and support program in place, the security team was unable to use the system to its full potential, putting guest and staff safety at risk.

The Security Director at Ko Olina took the initiative to contact Aimetis directly. An Aimetis Maintenance and Support program was put in place to future-proof their Symphony system. Aimetis also assigned a new system integrator to Ko Olina. Working directly with Aimetis technical support team in Canada, Ko Olina was able to get all of their equipment working on the most current software. This allowed them to more efficiently run their system through one computer, with all of the latest Aimetis features. Through telephone support sessions and remote system access, Aimetis technical support got everything functioning at optimal capacity.

"There is nothing more helpful when you are in the dark, than calling Aimetis for tech support," said Lawton Mauai, Security Director at Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club. "To be able to call a tech support person who knows my system better than I do is very, very important and integral in my line of work."

The Maintenance and Support program allows Ko Olina to get the very most out of their security investment. The program has four key components: priority support, software updates, health monitoring, and cloud backup. Priority support includes priority phone, email, and web support, remote desktop assistance, and priority bug review. The program also gives Ko Olina access to software updates, as they are released, with no additional upgrade fee. With health monitoring, Ko Olina is able to view the status of their servers and cameras on the Aimetis partner portal. They can track their storage usage, health of connected devices, and general server information, such as what version they are running. Finally, cloud backup gives Ko Olina the ability to remotely backup their server configuration on the Aimetis cloud system.

With Maintenance and Support now in place, Ko Olina is running an optimized system. Aimetis Symphony gives the Ko Olina security team increased confidence. The team knows they have properly recorded data, increased storage, and the most up-to-date security features. "I put my name and my reputation on the line, and Aimetis is a big part of that. The management team have confidence in me, and one of my main tools to give them that confidence is my security system," adds Mauai. "I run a 97 percent safety and security survey rating from my customers and Aimetis plays a large role in that."

Going forward, Ko Olina is committed to having software maintenance and support in place to ensure system operation. When asked about his relationship with Aimetis, Mauai simply stated, "We're in it for the long haul."

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