Aimetis Symphony protects Spa of Bad Steben

Aimetis Symphony protects Spa of Bad Steben
The Spa of Bad Steben is an oasis for health and well-being. The over 185 year old spa offers its guests a variety of natural and therapeutic remedies. For guests to relax and enjoy themselves, a sense of security is required. The spa has a number of challenges to ensure that this security is maintained at all times. From difficult to see areas such as hidden pools, to poorly lit areas, there are numerous obstacles for the security team to overcome. While the staff do regular tours of the grounds, they cannot monitor all areas all the time, and therefore need to be able to rely on a video-assisted safety monitoring solution to provide rapid and efficient assistance.

With the current analog video system no longer delivering usable images, a new video management system (VMS) was needed. Working with ProComp, the Spa of Bad Steben installed Aimetis Symphony to manage its network of Axis cameras. Using a client station, lifeguards are now able to monitor live video of all pools, spas, and saunas. The easy-to-use system allows the lifeguards to view live video feeds of all areas of the spa, including those that were previously not easy to see. A selection of Axis cameras were chosen for their ability to provide clear images in the various landscapes throughout the spa.

Aimetis Symphony has also increased the ability of the Spa of Bad Steben to support investigations done both internally and by the police. Previously recorded video can be exported and transferred to the necessary department. To ensure privacy is maintained for the guests, Symphony uses privacy masking in areas of the spa where there may be nudity. As an additional security measure only select people are able to access the laptop to export video, and two people must be logged in at a time. This prevents recorded video from being misused.

Aimetis Maintenance & Support (M&S) also plays an important role at the Spa of Bad Steben. The M&S program allows the spa to get the very most out of its security investment. The program has four key components: priority support, software maintenance, health monitoring, and cloud backup. Priority support includes priority phone, email, and web support, remote desktop assistance, and priority bug review. The program also gives the spa access to software updates, as they are released, with no additional upgrade fee. With health monitoring, the security team is able to view the status of its servers and cameras on the Aimetis partner portal. Finally, cloud backup gives the Spa of Bad Steben the ability to remotely backup its server configuration on the Aimetis cloud system. Looking forward, the Spa of Bad Steben plans to expand the size of its security system. With the smallest hardware footprint and highest camera density per server of any VMS on the market, Symphony gives the spa the peace of mind that the system will grow as the spa expands its security needs.

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